The Secret World: 1.6 Patch Notes From Test Live
The Secret World: 1.6 Patch Notes From Test Live

It looks like 1.6 Has finally hit Test Live.  No mention of new missions or features yet, but here is the first wave of patch notes!   


Update version 1.6 Notes   (2/20/13)
**These notes do not necessarily reflect the final version that will be deployed on Live**

* The Time Accelerator item can no longer be deleted.
* Flashbang grenade now has proper sound effects.
* Corrected the cause of a server crash.
* Fixed an issue that could crash the community server.
* Client log file should no longer grow very large so quickly.
* Added an animation for getting a haircut.

* Fixed in error in Expulsion’s barrier calculation tooltip.
* Seal the Deal should now modify consumers more reliably.
* Closer should now modify consumers more reliably.
* Anima Charge with High Voltage will now allow Inferno to critically hit.
* The fact that Shot of Anima does damage is now mentioned in the tooltip.
* Fixed a problem where auxiliary affixes could stop working for some time after dying.

* Heal over time and damage over time ability effects applied by players no longer display heal or damage values, fixing an issue where 0 was shown to other players.
* Fixed an issue where tooltips could appear blurry.
* Dodging will no longer cause the expanded Ability Wheel description cells to collapse.
* You should no longer randomly swap to the Quantum Ability wheel while using the main Ability wheel.
* You should no longer see an incorrectly placed Equip button when rapidly selecting different abilities on the ability pane list.
* Added a cooldownbar for a swapped abilities count down.
* Health Bars no longer turn yellow when part of them is off any side of the screen.
* Ability Wheel’ss navigation buttons are no longer enabled when the Power Inventory panel is open.
* Barrier absorbs are now displayed in combat chat even if they reduce damage to 0.
* Swapping two items on the shortcut bar should work more reliably now.

* Blue quality Signet of Vigour will now increase max HP as stated by 330 (was 329).
* If a glyph is not upgradable anyway, it will not say that the reason is because a PvP toolkit is used.
* The damage from the gadget ‘Bitterness’ will now appear in the combat log.
* Signet of Corruption should now properly increase Affliction effect damage.
* Description of Kindle passive ability has been updated to show a range of healing values.
* Rocket Launcher Augur effect will now trigger even if another weapon is used before it expires.

The Savage Coast
* A sound effect is now played when using the Library Ward during the Breakfast cult.

The Scorched Desert
* The Big Terrible Picture – Door to the metallic ankh will open if the player is outside the room with the goal “Collect the metallic ankh”.

City of the Sun God 
* There is no longer a placeholder name when using the scales during ‘The Stained Oasis’.
* Adjusted the formatting for the mission text of The Black Pharaoh’s Guard.
* Ravine of the Champion portals are now more multiplayer-friendly.

* The Savage Coast : Sam Krieg no longer has red eyebrows.

* The Fusang map and status messages should now work correctly.
* The minigame system has changed to support a team that comes in second place. This team will get higher rewards than the team to finish last. As a result the token and xp rewards for the minigames has been adjusted. All minigames reward more xp than before.
El Dorado:
1st: 20
2nd: 10
3rd: 5

1st: 15
2nd: 8
3nd: 4

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