The Secret World – Patch 1.4.1: The First Raid Set To Release Tomorrow
The Secret World – Patch 1.4.1: The First Raid Set To Release Tomorrow

Update version 1.4.1 Notes From Test Live – A Preview of Changes for Patch 1.4.1

With the raid finally going live tomorrow, who’s excited to give it a try?
It looks like it’ll be on a 66 hour (about 3 days) lockout.  Should be interesting to see how the in-game population does on it!

The Secret World New York Raid

**These notes do not necessarily reflect the final version that will be deployed on Live**

* Auxiliary Upgrade Toolkits will no longer stack and become unusable.
* (Testlive) Fixed an issue in the New York raid where doubles of the npcs would appear.
* (Testlive) Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the anima well in the New York raid instance.
* (Testlive) Fixed an issue in the raid where npcs would sometimes not cease combat when the raid boss was dead.
* (Testlive) A cinematic should now play when returning to Dave Screed after the New York raid.
* (Testlive) Fixed an issue with loot rights in raids.
* The New York raid lockout timer is now 66 hours.
* Master Looter can now select players to receive loot.
* Fixed an issue with mirrors that was causing performance issues in the Academy area.
* Fixed problem with the Cabal channel displaying message twice.
* Glasses now equip on the face and not to the head.
* There is now an Audio cue when players vendor items.
* Dog pets no longer make too many yawning sounds.


* The Filth Pit encounter in the Facility will no longer break on reset after healing a Node.


* Fixed an issue where the underdog custodians could sometimes go back into being shutdown after combat.
* Illuminati Turrets can now also be upgraded.
* Underdog custodians can no longer knock Gate turrets back.
* Underdog Custodians Cleave attack now deals damage.
* All Faction home bases now have a console that allows players to charge their underdog Custodian remotely.
* The entrances to the home bases are now protected by turrets.
* Increased the healing done by the underdog Custodian aura.
* Reduced the amount of anima shards needed to activate the underdog Custodian.
* It is no longer possible to heal the turrets protecting the facilities.


* To Sir, With Love – Mission will not update until the player gains Montag’s blood in their inventory. If it does not occur on the first click, subsequent clicks on Montag may trigger the item spawn.
* To Sir, With Love – Old mission items in player inventory will be deleted, and then respawned which will solve the mission goal. This applies to Montag’s blood, the spectrometer, and the mirror.
* To Sir, With Love – Occult spectrometer and the mirror world objects will no longer despawn when used.


Be sure to check out our other Issue #4: Big Trouble In The Big Apple Coverage, and if you’re curious about the raid and what you’ll be getting into tomorrow, Volaric took a group on Test Live to check it out, you can see that in the video below!


Also, everything we know about the Boss and the strategy can be found here:  The Unutterable Lurker


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