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The Secret World: Off The Menu Guide / Solutions
The Secret World: Off The Menu Guide / Solutions

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Off The Menu Guide / Solutions Blue Mountain Joe Madahando - (257,674)   The Secret World: Off The Menu Guide / Solutions   |   The Secret World: Off The Menu Guide / Solutions10,000

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Tier 1:

Examine Frank’s notebook.

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The notebook tells you to go around the map collecting things.  The first of which can be found inside the building nearby.

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Find some tender ak’ab meat by killing some Ak’ab!  Go figure, right?  Did I mention how much I hate these things…

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Tier 2:

With that done, it’s time to head off to Bonecracker’s lair.  Place the meat in front of the burrow.  You will then have to fight off a few waves of zombies in order to prevent them from eating it for a while.  Once that’s done, add sedatives to the bait by clicking on it and go up on top of the lair and wait.    Eventually Bonecracker will come out, when he does… Kill him.

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Tier 3:

Go to Bloodfang’s lair. (638, 672)
Cut yourself on the pike and use your blood as bait.
Kill Bloodfangs.

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Tier 4:

Approach Silent Trickster in the bog and try to kill it at (937, 646)  You will soon find out that it was a trap!  Kill the real Silent Trickster.

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Tier 5:

Go to Elder Warcry’s lair at (960,463) and spike the wendigo heads to provoke a fight.  This will draw out the Elder Warcry from hiding.  When it pops out, kill it to end the mission.

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