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The Secret World: Obstructive Persons Investigation Mission
The Secret World: Obstructive Persons Investigation Mission

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Obstructive Persons Investigation Mission Shadowy Forest Alina Florea ( 709,1128 )   The Secret World: Obstructive Persons Investigation Mission   |   The Secret World: Obstructive Persons Investigation Mission

Thanks Again To “Mako” For Helping With The Details Of This Mission!

The mission begins at Alina Florea ( 709,1128 )  in The Shadowy Forest

TSW Obstructive Persons Investigation - Mission Start

Opening Cinematic

Video Playthrough

Tier 1

Objective:  Search the area around Alina

Head to coordinates (656,1148) along the wall.  You’ll see a corpse.

TSW Obstructive Persons Investigation Body

As you investigate, you’ll see a letter.

TSW Obstructive Persons Investigation  - Letter

Tier 2

Objective: Find out how to close the agent’s file.

The clue here is the website

Head on over to the website, enter any name, number and fake email address into the fields and click “Submit”.

You’ll get to a follow up page with an error.

[Oops… the system was unable to finish your operation (error code 0x0000019Cx3)]      

The important part, read the circled part in the image below.

TSW Obstructive Persons Investigation

From here – head to London (I guess you can go to New York as well) and locate the Morninglight tent (143, 246)

There will be a laptop “Use Personality test”  activate it.


Tier 3

Objective:  Access the hidden files

You’ll get on the laptop to take the personality test.    I encourage you to mess with this a bit.

The solution comes from understanding the error code given on the website.  19c is Hexadecimal, translated to Decimal becomes 412 … Still don’t get it, well neither do I, but the solution is below. 

TSW Obstructive Persons Investigation


Key in answers in… 4, 1, 2, 4, 1, 2, 4, 1, 2

If done correctly, you’ll get a new screen saying “What is the name of the file you wish to close?”

Enter Alina Florea.

TSW Obstructive Persons Investigation

Tier 4

Objective: Locate the agent’s next target

Explore the options in the laptop to get some insight on what’s going on.  (Never mind that the Morninglight people are surrounding you as you’re screwing with personal data on their laptop….)

TSW Obstructive Persons Investigation

One you get to option 4, you’ll get some details about Dusko Biukovic

Dusko Biukovic is in Besieged Farmlands (1012 , 1049) 

TSW Obstructive Persons Investigation

Objective: Speak with the detractor

Work your way through the dialog options from Dusko.   (Mmmm Lemon Pie..) You’ll eventually be given a Morninglight tablet.

Dusko Dialog Video

Objective:  Examine the stolen dossiers

Open your inventory, locate the tablet mission item

TSW Obstructive Persons Investigation

The Password Hint Is:  The master’s son.

Morninglight Lore #8 Reads: 

Seek alternate subject. Initiate analyzing scan: Philip Marquard.

Look, sweetling. See the pretty picture: the charismatic leader of Morninglight and his beautiful family, a symbol of the new era of humanity. The patriarch, Philip, handsome and earnest of smile. His wife, Elisa, equally photogenic. Their two children – Alexandre and Kathrine, eight and eleven years old, pretty little replicas of their parents. And, of course, there is a beautiful, purebred dog. A lovely portrait. But the photo album pages are stuck together with blood and worse. Down in the basement…

Signal disruption! Our particle wings tear. What protects them?

This would make the password    Alexandre

TSW Obstructive Persons Investigation

That completes the mission, but not the fun!

Check out the next set of data, you’re in it!  Click through the options for interesting bits.
I personally like the last screen …

It seems the Morninglight is noticing the regenerative power of the Tacos!

TSW Obstructive Persons Investigation



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