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The Secret World: New York Raid Boss Guide (Manhattan Exclusion Zone)
The Secret World: New York Raid Boss Guide (Manhattan Exclusion Zone)

The Secret World: New York Raid Boss Guide (Manhattan Exclusion Zone)

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The Mission associated with the Raid is entitled “Crossroad of Worlds”.  Click the link for more information about the mission.

The Unutterable Lurker

HP: 5,200,000
Strategy (Submitted by Drakt from TSWCrusaders)

Phase 1
Firstly the boss has a 10 minute timer. The first stage of this fight is all about tank aggro switching. For this to happen, the tanks need to be on a chat program and alternate between using provoke (followed by 2nd tanks provoke)then misdirection followed by 2nd tanks misdirection. The timing you have to use for doing these all depend on the bosses skill that is on you at the time. There is a skill called ‘whisper of darkness’ and it starts at 20 stacks and counts down every second. once this skill reaches 0 it one hits the target regardless of health. Try to start switching when at around 8 stacks to give yourself time.
While this is happening, the DPS and healers will be having to avoid filth patches and pods which spawn on people. These pods need to be nuked instantly as these also do a lot of damage.

Melee need to dodge frontal column attacks.

Ranged must dodge a center column attack, as well as drop filth pools off to the sides or in the back, somewhere out of the way.  Kill the pods that entrap people immedietly.  Healers keep hots on both tanks as the main damage source from the boss is a DoT and switches happen quickly.


Start moving back Immediately to avoid damage.

Kill pods to allow people to get out of the way.

When the knock back is about to go off, be sure you are behind some rocks/debris or a car to avoid damage.

Stack up to kill adds.

Phase 2

The second stage involves lots of adds and the boss doing a similar attack to the sandstorm in Hell Fallen. In this stage, the tanks must run to the back of the map behind the vehicles and tank the dragon mobs there. DPS must focus on one dragon at a time, because these are followed by a 3rd and 4th dragon subsequently.  DPS can stand behind central rubble pile or behind one of the cars.
The tanks must face these dragons away from the DPS and healers as they have a frontal cone attack.  It is recommended that you have 1 tank on the dragon mobs while the other tank babysits the group, picking up zombies and the dragon-type mobs as they come down.

Phase 3

Once the second stage is beaten, the 3rd stage starts. This is similar to darkness war final boss, where a guardian appears to create 3 spots on the floor allowing 200% damage. This is the point where you must nuke the boss. Each one of these spots on the floor are specific to each weapon. furthest away is for blood, AR, Elemental. Middle is for shotgun, pistols. Closest is for Melee.
BEWARE: in this final stage, more adds spawn and run towards the DPS, so if they receive aggro they either need to run it to the tanks or off tank them and nuke them down quickly.

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  • Belladanwa

    Is it safe to assume there is no need for a cleanse or purge?

    • I personally didn’t get to go to the raid attempt yesterday, but it seems from the reports I’ve heard from others, it doesn’t seem to be the case currently. Which is odd.

  • Drakt

    the first boss does not require it due to the huge amount going on, but i cannot say for later bosses

    • Drakt

      sorry from what i have heard there may only be the 1 boss. but that will be apparent soon enough. a cleanse is useful if you get stuck in filth, but its only filth damage and its easy to live through it. there is no need for a purge on the tanks because the skills the main boss does are instantly applied as soon as the tank has agro. the time for the cooldown is all that is needed as you are waiting for skills to cool down as well. The DPS need to focus on the boss to get the 5.2 mill health down before the 10 min timer is up.

  • Hammer1

    I’m just wondering if there is a reason why chainsaws with their shields / hate were released the same time as this raid. It seems to me they should help the tanks…

  • Tachy

    If you cleanse the Tank with aggro, you kill him. The idea is not to let the stack runs out. Your stack refreshes to 20 when you tank off the other tank.

    There is only the one boss.

    Diamond Grit is indeed an extra defensive CD for tanks.
    The hard part, is balancing the 2 tanks threat generation to allow misdirection to cause the aggro swap to happen if they don’t have identical gear, abilities, and rotation timing.

  • Safanah

    Switching aggro is super easy if you have provoke and art of war. Even if you just keep aggro for the time art of war binds the target the stacks are back at 20 when the first tank gets aggro back.

    Using Eths buffbars and targeting the other tank as defense target and you see when his Whisper of Darkness goes down.

  • Thanks for the comments folks, been away so haven’t even gotten onto the game since the Raid went live. Hoping to check it out and get a better recording of the whole thing … eventually.

  • Tachy

    Just confirmed both Art of War and Mass provocation will work to reset
    stacks on other tank. (as safanah posted earlier)

    The numbers are seconds in combat. The swaps happen at 8 stacks

    0 – tank 2 pulls
    12 tank 1 aow (tank 5 sec)
    17 tank 2 gets it back
    29 tank 1 provokes
    41 tank 2 aow (tank 5 sec)
    46 tank 2 gets it back
    58 tank 2 provoke
    70 tank 1 aow (tank 5 sec)
    73 tank 2 gets it back
    85 tank 1 provokes

    This gives the tanks 58 seconds between provokes which has a 40 sec CD. AoW
    has only 30sec.
    Note: Eth’s buff bars seems to think you lose the dot when you lose threat even though it does continue to tick for a few seconds.

    • Safanah

      One problem with switching aggro back after AoW is that both tanks get the debuff and healing them is rather painful. So better to do clear switches.