The Secret World: New Stuff In The Item Shop
The Secret World: New Stuff In The Item Shop


The Secret World - Police Outfit

New toys, gear, outfits and tools are continuously added to the Item Shop for The Secret World. Recently we have put in some especially handy new items which you now can reap the benefits of.

The Secret World - New Items in Shop

Condenser of Quintessence:  This brand new consumable item breaks down a purple QL 10 Weapon or Talisman into a Black Bullion Token. These Condensers are sold as stacks of 10 and can be bought for Veteran Points. It is a very good tool for the experienced dungeon crawlers out there to exchange purple gear they may have outgrown for the always useful Black Bullions.

Signet Extractor: Here we an excellent tool for those who like to experiment with the most powerful setups or wish to redo choices from the past. With the Signet Extractor you can now remove any Signet from a Weapon or Talisman without any of them coming to harm. After using the consumable Extractor you can now do as you please with your separated Signet.

Timed SP Boosts: The powerful Skill Point potions, which double the amount of Skill Points you earn, are reserved for very dedicated players. Only those who have defeated the Gatekeeper are able to purchase these boosts in the Item Shop. The potions are however excellent tools when playing with an alt or to speed up the process when wanting to learn to use new Auxiliary Weapons.

The Secret World - Item Shop Outfits

The Secret World - Item Shop Hats

Fresh Outfits and Hats: Enjoy some of the many new outfits you can find in the Item Shop, such as The Heat, Danger Zone, Meat is Murder, Arabian Nights, Secrets of Salome, Shinobi and the Assassinatrix. A host of new hats of all kinds have also just been added to the Item Store. Perhaps a new Pilot Leader Cap or Fez is just what you wanted?

Check out the Item Store now to browse all the new wares

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