The Secret World: Lore Locations In Agartha
The Secret World: Lore Locations In Agartha


Category Entry # Coordinates Notes Image
Agartha # 1 669,121 Near the Blue Mountain portal View
Agartha # 2 588,528 On the Elite Dungeon path View
Agartha # 3 629,369 Jump down from the the Elite Dungeon path View
Agartha # 4 652,635 Past the Carpathian Fangs portal on end of path View
Agartha # 5 647,13 Near Hell Eternal (Elite) Portal View
Agartha # 6 508,301 Near the City of the Sun God portal View
Agartha # 7 590,390 Jump off and land on the path near the Seoul portal View
Agartha # 8 839,467 Near Hell Raised (Nightmare) portal View
Agartha # 9 745,377 Between the Besieged Farmlands and the Shadowy Forest portals View
The Buzzing # 4 505,387 Just before the path’ that leads you to the Kingsmouth portal
The Buzzing # 5 469,247 Next to the Kingsmouth portal
The Filth # 2 525,312 On the way to Kingsmouth
Have You Seen Lore?

Since we’ve started to gather the lore location screenshots AFTER having gotten a good majority of them, we’re a little behind on the screenshots!

If you happen to use the locations above and can grab a screenshot of the lore before you pick it up, post it to our Facebook Wall and we’ll include it in list!

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  • new position
    # 5
    in the middle of way Hell Eternal (Elite) Portal to Slaughter House..

  • How do I get to the Nightmare branch to collect Agartha #8?

    • Frank-widdle

      Hey i know it is late (3 months) but you have to complete all elites then the gatekeeper to get the agartha #8

      • Nochtal Balzer

        <.<; LOL! A late reply to a late reply, lol! THANK YOU! I have just recently finished doing that, and completely forgot I was looking for that lore still. I'm gonna go finish that! 7 months later…