The Secret World: Lair Boss – The Plague Guide
The Secret World: Lair Boss – The Plague Guide

Besieged Farmlnads: The Plague

Strategy Submitted by Amens:

He does his “Call of the Crows” channel. Can be evaded.  He does a “Bound Phasejump” where he appears somewhere near the group. Also summons a second Version of himself. But only the first or second time he does it. After that only he teleports without another copy.  One has a shield which can not be purged.  Just kill the copy and then him.  He does just his Channel and teleport thing.


[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Lambda 04]- Top Left
[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Xi 07]- Top Center
[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Alpha 04]- Top Right
[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Psi 01]- Center Left
[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Epsilon 02]- Center Center
[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Theta 02]- Center Right
[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Theta 01]- Bottom Left
[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Eta 03] – Bottom Center
[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Mu 09]- Bottom Right
Turns Out … This Isn’t A 2 Man Job!

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