The Secret World: Lair Boss – Region Boss – Aspect of the Great-Winged
The Secret World: Lair Boss – Region Boss – Aspect of the Great-Winged

Transylvania Region Boss: Aspect of the Great-Winged

The Secret World - Aspect of the Great-Winged - Lair_Region Boss

Strategy Submitted by Amens:

He walks at the beginning of the fight.
In this phase the boss has an shield which protects him against 90% of all ranged attacks and 50% of magic attacks.He also does an “Anathema” attack which sets an debuff on all who stand in front of him. Which heals him of you get attacked by him. But isn’t much healing what he recives.He also does an small aoe effect sometimes where he stands.Easy to evade and not to problematic.Now the confusing part begins.

He spawns Black and white Whirlwinds.
The both hurt you if they touch you and set an debuff on you.
They died so quick in the heat of the battle, so i couldn’t see the exact description.

But in my opinion they are somehow essential to this fight granting you maybe the abilities to do some more ranged damage exept melee damage or something like that.

He has also an second phase where the boss flies a bit up the sky.
In this phase he has a 90% shield against melee and 50% against magic again.

This phase isn’t long and maybe it is HP relevant when he does it.

You can kill him with some time if you have a group of ranged/magic DD.
You can also engage him with a party of melee DD to kill him without using the whirlwind things.
Some HP are also not too bad for this fight, because those whirlwinds will kill you in a few seconds if you touch them with 1970 hp.

Just focus on the adds if they get to annoying and try to evade his small aoe.

If someone knows more about this i would be happy if you can leae a comment.

The Secret World - Aspect of the Great-Winged - Lair_Region Boss Assembly

Starts in Upper left, Ends in Bottom Right going across each row
[Cleansing Ritual Fragment: He 02] [Cleansing Ritual Fragment: Zain 01] [Cleansing Ritual Fragment: Alaph 04] [Cleansing Ritual Fragment: Nun 05] [Cleansing Ritual Fragment: Alaph 01] [Cleansing Ritual Fragment: Resh 05] [Cleansing Ritual Fragment: He 08] [Cleansing Ritual Fragment: Resh 02] [Cleansing Ritual Fragment: Yudh 04] [Cleansing Ritual Fragment: Nun 08] [Cleansing Ritual Fragment: Gamal 09] [Cleansing Ritual Fragment: Sadhe 03] [Cleansing Ritual Fragment: Waw 03] [Cleansing Ritual Fragment: Kaph 02] [Cleansing Ritual Fragment: Dalath 04] [Cleansing Ritual Fragment: Qoph 04]
Turns Out … This Isn’t A 2 Man Job!

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