The Secret World: Lair Boss – Hassan, the Ruiner Guide
The Secret World: Lair Boss – Hassan, the Ruiner Guide

City of the Sun God: Hassan, the Ruiner

Hassan, the Ruiner

Strategy Submitted by Amens:
As a Djinn he does some Firespells.  He is immune to any kind of debuff so weakend is not possible on him.  He has an Firepower Aoe which has a Throwback if it gets you.  And he has “Fire to Fire, Dust to Dust”  which is a orange beam he cast randomly on a Player. It leaves 2-3 Firepatch under the feet of the player along hte channeling. It can be interrupted beore a single Patch appears.  He gets a buff after he scores a critical hit:  When it reaches 6 he resets the cooldown of his spells.  So he does instantly a Firepower Aoe followed by his Channel-spell.  As a little suprise if he stands in any of the Firepatches he heals himself.  I prefer tanking him in the summoning circle. The rest of the group stands around the circle and damages him.   When the channel-spell comes interupt it or the chosen player walks around the dircle to lay the Patches away from him an the gruop.


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Turns Out … This Isn’t A 2 Man Job!

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