The Secret World: Lair Boss – Nyarlat, Royal Executioner Guide
The Secret World: Lair Boss – Nyarlat, Royal Executioner Guide

City of The Sun God: Nyarlat, Royal Executioner

Nyarlat, Royal Executioner

Strategy Submitted by Amens:
Is a simple big mummy like the mobs in this area. He sets an debuff on the Tank normaly which can not be removed. A counter of 2:30 min ticks down on him. When it reaches 0 i think he will kill the tank and the rest of the group after that. He does his 180° cone attack. Can be evaded without efforts. And also the stun known from this creatures. Just tank, evade and do damage. Not too complicated Fight.

[Summoning Ritual Fragment: Upsilon 02] [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Phi 02] [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Delta 07] [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Eta 02] [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Psi 06] [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Xi 01] [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Rho 03] [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Nu 01] [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Omicron 06]
Turns Out … This Isn’t A 2 Man Job!

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