The Secret World: Issue #6: The Last Train to Cairo Preview
The Secret World: Issue #6: The Last Train to Cairo Preview

Funcom has released details of Issue #6, the next update for The Secret World!  The next Auxiliary Weapon is a Whip! (queue Indiana Jones Theme… Now!)

Issue #6 Cover and Preview

The darkness in Egypt is ancient and its malevolent tendrils work tirelessly to spread their influence across the world. Issue #6; The Last Train to Cairo, will call upon you to contain this dire threat once again.

In this update you will play through a new, deep and revealing story within Egypt. Travel back in time to unearth powerful artifacts which can help you in the future, and see how the wondrous locations of The Scorched Desert looked in ages past.

Enjoy the Issue #6 cover here, and read more details about the upcoming content below.

The cultists and their dark prophet Abdel Daoud are working in the shadows under the influence of their god Aten. The Atenists seek to undermine and weaken the tireless Marya who bravely stand against them. You must come to their aid and free some of their captured warriors.

The enigmatic undead weapons dealer Said can also offer invaluable advice and guidance on how to best work against the cultists. Uncover the ultimate purpose of the Atenists and their prophet to see the true danger they present to the world.

Be sure not miss the climactic end fight on top of the train to Cairo, where you must stop its lethal cargo!

In addition to the many missions in the new story line, and their side missions which can be taken to gain powerful rewards, Issue #6; The Last Train to Cairo, also offers the new and unique Whip Auxilliary weapon.

The vicious Whip can be used for great area damage, but also for buffing your team or sneaky crowd control. Use the Whip to encourage your team mates to run faster or snare tricky opponents and pull them towards you.

A new presence will also make itself known in Issue #6. The veil between worlds is tearing from two sides. Both the adventurous players, ever searching for new challenges, and the ominous powers beyond our dimension, ever looking for access to our world, have long been spoiling for a fight.

The most rare and powerful patterns found in Lairs can now be utilized to instigate an epic confrontation with an immense foe. Gather in groups of ten to take on this devastating Raid size adversary in a titanic struggle in a shrouded location somewhere in the South Pacific. The battle is surely a trap, but will you bite with Jaws of Steel?

But that is not all you get in Issue #6; The Last Train to Cairo. A new Veteran and Recruitment system will become available. For each month you are or have been a member you receive points which can buy unique rewards. Every new person recruited also gives you an amount of points equal to a month of Membership.

A completely new ranking system will also be introduced to Player-versus-player combat. You gain PVP experience points and eventually ranks when you or your team kills other players. As you go up in ranks you are awarded with new tokens, which can be used to buy fresh PVP uniforms.

Check out the full size screenshots from the upcoming content in Issue #6 here.

Issue #6; The Last Train to Cairo is scheduled for release in the beginning of March. Members will get two days early access to the new content in Issue #6.

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