The Secret World: Issue #6: The Last Train To Cairo Information Guide
The Secret World: Issue #6: The Last Train To Cairo Information Guide

Issue #6: The Last Train To Cairo Information

The Last Train To Cairo, the latest addition to The Secret World has a fair amount of new content as well as an interesting story arc which includes the acquisition of a new auxiliary weapon, The Whip!

Below is an outline of the additions with links to more information!


The missions for Issue #6: The Last Train To Cairo

The missions begin at the Marya Encampment in the Scorched Desert, from Nassir at coordinates ( 901 ,  309 )

Main Mission Chain:

Side Missions Related To The Main Story Arc:

Additional Side Missions, given by the Envoy of Ca’ d’Oro at coordinates (904 , 307 ) in the Scorched Desert.

Auxiliary Weapon:


  • The Breaks In Time Lore consists of 6 parts.  They can be found while doing the mission chain.   Each of the locations is details in the mission guides.


  • New Battle Ranks
    (More on this later, or if a PvP player wants to comment below and give us a run down, that would be awesome!)


The following items are from the Envoy of Ca’ d’Oro, a vendor at coordinates (904 , 307 ) in the Scorched Desert who accepts “Credits of Ca’ d’Oro” as currency.

Epic Quality Signets!

  • Signet of the Kingdom  (50 Credits)
    TSW Signet of The Kingdom
  • Signet of Thinis   (50 Credits)
    TSW - Signet of Thinis
  • Signet of the Trenches   (50 Credits)
    TSW - Signet Of The Trenches

QL 10.1 Headslot Items

  • Forgotten Ashes   (60 Credits)
  • Time’s Mark    (60 Credits)
  • Ageless Blood    (60 Credits)

Cosmetic Items (Yes! You can look like Indiana Jones..)

  • The Lost Desert – Dress Fedora, brown    (45Credits)
  • The Lost Desert – Ankel boots, brown    (25Credits)
  • The Lost Desert – Safari shirt, khaki    (25Credits)
  • The Lost Desert – Cowhide Jacket, brown   (35Credits)
  • The Lost Desert – Pleated pants, brown    (30Credits)

Total Cost To Look Awesome:  160 Credits of Ca’ d’Oro

Male Variant:

 The Secret World - Indiana Jones

Misc / Title: 

  • The Time Tomb Raider    (120 Credits)
Did I miss something?   Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Comment

    Thanks for the posts, you folks are quick!

  • Oskarbin-Ka

    Lore #1 – Below. Between stones.

    “The City Before Us” TIER 2/5 (find a functioning ark in al-Merayah`s past)

    • Shuralath

      Lore #2 is behind the (modern day) Time Tomb entrance during “The Prisoner”.

      • Safanah

        It’s not the quest “The Prisoner” – 313, 545 in scorched desert

        • Oskarbin-Kf

          Lore #2

          • Shuralath

            My bad, it is indeed not during “The Prisoner”, you get sent there in “A Time to Every Purpose”.

  • The 10.1 head pieces are custom and therefore upgradeable (I verified this). No clue if they cap at 10.5 or if they are more like the pvp, which cap at 10.4 though.

    • Fitzers

      I thought they increased the PvP stuff to be the same as Nightmares ages ago…?

      • They did. Originally PvP capped at 10.3, they bumped it to 10.4 several patches ago to be on par with PvE gear. With the New York raid, however, PvE pieces can now be upgraded to 10.5, and to my knowledge PvP is still capped at 10.4.

    • Safanah

      It should be upgradable to 10.5 since its custom (pve), pvp would be venice.

  • Kasen

    Where can I find the 6th lore piece?

  • RE: PvP, as of now there are specific PvP costumes being released for each faction which you can wear in PvP zones and in PvE environments. I believe there are 12 costumes total, 4 for each role in PvP (DPS, Tank, Heal)

    You receive 5 distinctions for each 10k PvP experience you receive. The first rank costume is 10 distinctions, second 25, third 50, fourth 100. You have to purchase each costume for each role separately from the Mobility vendor at your Faction.

    More uses for Distinctions will probably come up for weapon skins etc going forward, but most of the uses appear to be planned as cosmetic. I’ve seen Battle Ranks as high as 11, so I’m unsure how far they go up.