The Secret World: Issue #6: The Last Train To Cairo Information Guide
The Secret World: Issue #6: The Last Train To Cairo Information Guide

Issue #6: The Last Train To Cairo Information

The Last Train To Cairo, the latest addition to The Secret World has a fair amount of new content as well as an interesting story arc which includes the acquisition of a new auxiliary weapon, The Whip!

Below is an outline of the additions with links to more information!


The missions for Issue #6: The Last Train To Cairo

The missions begin at the Marya Encampment in the Scorched Desert, from Nassir at coordinates ( 901 ,  309 )

Main Mission Chain:

Side Missions Related To The Main Story Arc:

Additional Side Missions, given by the Envoy of Ca’ d’Oro at coordinates (904 , 307 ) in the Scorched Desert.

Auxiliary Weapon:


  • The Breaks In Time Lore consists of 6 parts.  They can be found while doing the mission chain.   Each of the locations is details in the mission guides.


  • New Battle Ranks
    (More on this later, or if a PvP player wants to comment below and give us a run down, that would be awesome!)


The following items are from the Envoy of Ca’ d’Oro, a vendor at coordinates (904 , 307 ) in the Scorched Desert who accepts “Credits of Ca’ d’Oro” as currency.

Epic Quality Signets!

  • Signet of the Kingdom  (50 Credits)
    TSW Signet of The Kingdom
  • Signet of Thinis   (50 Credits)
    TSW - Signet of Thinis
  • Signet of the Trenches   (50 Credits)
    TSW - Signet Of The Trenches

QL 10.1 Headslot Items

  • Forgotten Ashes   (60 Credits)
  • Time’s Mark    (60 Credits)
  • Ageless Blood    (60 Credits)

Cosmetic Items (Yes! You can look like Indiana Jones..)

  • The Lost Desert – Dress Fedora, brown    (45Credits)
  • The Lost Desert – Ankel boots, brown    (25Credits)
  • The Lost Desert – Safari shirt, khaki    (25Credits)
  • The Lost Desert – Cowhide Jacket, brown   (35Credits)
  • The Lost Desert – Pleated pants, brown    (30Credits)

Total Cost To Look Awesome:  160 Credits of Ca’ d’Oro

Male Variant:

 The Secret World - Indiana Jones

Misc / Title: 

  • The Time Tomb Raider    (120 Credits)
Did I miss something?   Let me know in the comments below!

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