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The Secret World – Issue #4: Big Trouble in the Big Apple
The Secret World – Issue #4: Big Trouble in the Big Apple

What we know so far…

Joel Bylos has been a talkative one these past couple weeks!  We’ve been keeping tabs on what he’s saying, and compiled a list of the upcoming additions and features we’ve heard about recently in letters, forums and live streams!

New Auxiliary weapon: ‘The Chainsaw’  “We’re introducing the second auxiliary weapon – the Chainsaw – to add even further depth to our freeform progression system.”   I think the chainsaw is a perfect fit in The Secret World!

Reticle Combat – This will add a new ‘aim’ feature to combat.  When activated, it provides an over the shoulder with ‘crosshairs’ approach to combat.  It should be a welcome addition to those who want to be a little more involved in their combat.  This will of course be an optional feature, you can still stick to your tab-targeting, AOE spamming combat if you wish!

Albion Theater in London – If you’re an RP’er, Funcom is your new best friend.  With Issue #4, they are opening the doors to the Albion Theatre in London where players can put on plays for each other!   The concept and thoughts behind it are impressive!   Look for us to cover more on this specific feature in the future!

First Raid: –  The first raid is coming, it will be a 10 man encounter and take place in New York City!   Players will get to battled Eldritch Horror in the ruins of Time Square!

And of course, I’m sure there will be numerous bug fixes, tweaks, changes and further additions, and more than likely a handful of new Investigation and Action Missions!

I’m guessing we’ll see ‘Issue #4 – Big Trouble In The Big Apple’ go live come early November, probably after the Halloween Event is over.



But looking to the future…

Upcoming issue updates are said to include: 

Revised Animations – “We know this was one of the major complaints both in the beta and after release, and we are looking at how we can make player animations feel more fluid and natural. This entails implementing an entirely new animation backend for the Dreamworld engine, which will allow us to make improvement in both ‘The Secret World’ and future Dreamworld projects.”

Improved PVP  “So the team is designing several features which will serve to bring this conflict back to the forefront, and while it is a little early to talk about what they are, I can say that I am really excited about their potential in tying together both PvE and PvP into the overall conflict.”

Group Investigation / Puzzle Raids “Another thing we are working on which I am really excited about is what we internally like to call ‘puzzle raids’. One of the most heralded features of ‘The Secret World’ at launch were the investigation missions that merge adventure-game puzzle-solving based on real-world research and brings it into an MMO setting. ‘Puzzle raids’ are sort of group investigation missions and a throwback to our alternate reality gaming (ARG) roots which ‘The Secret World’ were such an important part of the game prior to launch. ”

New Regions, Monsters and New Stories “The upcoming Issues will include a wealth of new content, including Tokyo, a major new region that brings with it new monsters, myths and legends to the game.”


So there you have it!  We’ll be keeping up on the updates like always!  So check back as more details for future Issues and updated to The Secret World are released!



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