The Secret World: Issue #3 The Cat God Testlive Patch Notes
The Secret World: Issue #3 The Cat God Testlive Patch Notes

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Update version 1.3 Notes
**These notes do not necessarily reflect the final version that will be deployed on Live**

* This version contains a potential fix for an issue with blue screens that some users were reporting.
* Fixed some black shadow textures in The Shadowy Forest.
* Mark of the Templar and Mark of Blood no longer have the same visual effect on a target.
* Loot bags can be opened while sitting.
* It is no longer possible to be trapped in a certain crevice in anima form in City of the Sun God.
* Corrected some issues with hairstyles that were clipping clothing and necks.
* Streetwear Samurai now displays over hairstyles.
* Adjusted the placement of the cog wheel cursor in Fusang at the Centre Facility.
* Climbing ladders in The Scorched Desert should no longer cause the camera to clip through objects.
* Corrected a duplicate skin color in character creation.
* Soda machine vendors will no longer buyback your items or repair your gear.
* Male characters faces will no longer clip through the scarf of the Monk deck outfit.
* Updated all of the faction marks to make them more visible.
* Fixed a clipping issue with the hood of the female Magus outfit.
* Your weapon will always show as sheathed on the character selection screen.
* Swapping sheathed weapons will now draw your weapons too.
* Your character’s mouth will no longer appear agape while on the surgery table.

* Blade – Perseverance should now trigger on activation of Frenzy abilities regardless of the result.
* Blade – Updated tooltip for On Guard to say that the effect can stack up to 5 times instead of 10.
* Blood – The blood spike from Torture will now appear.
* Chaos – Updated the buff tooltip text for Pressure Point to match the ability tooltip.
* Fists – Reckless will no longer be triggered by Cannonball.
* Fists – Fist character skill Warmth now consistently works also on other targets than self.
* Fists – Warmth no longer requires that you have put points into Follow Up to work.

* Dawning of an Endless Night – To decrease the inventory clutter, we removed the Deep Shaft key from the Illuminati box in the Franklin Mansion. Players that already have the key will still lose it upon finishing tier 17 of Dawning of an Endless Night.
* Dawning of an Endless Night – Tier 5 map pointer now points at correct sewer entrance.
* Added a shield effect to the tablet in tier 4 of ‘Black Sun, Red Sands’ in The Scorched Desert to show that it is not interactable until the golem is defeated.

Dracula’s Castle
* The alarms found in Dracula’s Castle should no longer be targetable when triggered.
* Alarms found in Dracula’s Castle should now remain firmly bolted to the walls.

* Death and the Instruments Thereof – Diesel tank is no longer temporarily locked by other players.
* Elm Street Blues – Each attacking wave of zombies now has an associated visual effect.
* Christopher Martin now has a voiceover!

The Savage Coast
* Ami Legend – Assault should now reset properly when player leaves assault area.
* Lighthouse elevator button now has white brackets around it.
* Taking the Purple – Corpse now has interaction time and players will kneel to interact with it.
* The Light That Blinds – Natural Ward item tooltip describes what it does.

The Blue Mountain
* Detritus Prime should appear more reliably, though he still enjoys long walks in the bog.
* The Haunting – Thomas Delapore is now present during the tier 3 Delapore fight.

The Scorched Desert
* Adjusted the Golem’s position in the mission “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” to reduce clipping of attack animation with the lock gate.
* Entering the ‘Teeth of the Wind’ area in The Scorched Desert should no longer display temporary buffs.
* Players should now be able to climb down all ladders in the Tunnels of al-Merayah instance.

City of the Sun God
* Players should now take damage from the fire braziers in the sarcophagus chamber in the ‘3rd Age’ mission in City of the Sun God.
* Fixed an erroneous onscreen message when entering Al-Ghasr.

The Shadowy Forest
* Singing Stones – Added an animation when picking up a melody from a stone.

The Carpathian Fangs
* Too Deep – Thirsting Shades will now provide the proper update when killed.
* Too Deep – Metamorphosing Shades will now provide credit to all players involved in their death.
* Too Deep – Tier three now correctly instructs the player to kill a Shade from Beyond.
* Interacting with the mobile phone found in the mission ‘There Are No Flowers in Pricolesti’ will now provide team credit.
* A History of Violins – This mission now provides a Glyph reward bag.
* A History of Violins – Placeholder npcs have been named Scalded Souls.
* A History of Violins – Removed one npc from an area on the way to the living quarters where it was impossible to avoid a group of npcs.

* Fixed all mission npc’s teeth.
* Kingsmouth – Fixed a bad texture on several Keelhauled npcs in the Lair.
* Blue Mountain – Akab’s that hatch from destroyed cocoons will now properly despawn when out of combat.
* Blue Mountain – The Reservation Defenders will now protect players better.
* The Savage Coast – Tolba Bay creatures will no longer look at your feet while attacking.
* The Savage Coast – Flesh Golem no longer has a strange animation when dying.
* City of the Sun God – Flying Guardian’s Fan the Filth ability now has a ground effect that clues you in to which area is affected.
* The Scorched Desert – Lava Golems will no longer hurl meteors in the wrong direction.
* The Carpathian Fangs – Stalker in the Darkness no longer resets during the fight.
* Hell Fallen – Black Iron Artifacts now make more appropriate sounds.

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  • Joan Romba

    No new missions?

    • There are a few that we’ve found on testlive. Both investigations are bugged. So that’s a nice feeling since they’re going live with it before adequate testing.

  • Sat Tomo

    It basically looks like they are just trying desperately to get back on the monthly schedule. Kudos to them if they can really manage to bring it out today without another repatch 🙂