The Secret World – Issue #2 – Digging Deeper Delayed Till September 13th
The Secret World – Issue #2 – Digging Deeper Delayed Till September 13th

Issue #2 – “Digging Deeper”  delayed till September 13th.

A recent tweet by Funcom has pushed the release date of The Secret World:  Issue #2 “Digging Deeper” back one more day…  I guess it’s not too bad, one more day can’t hurt, right?   Definitely better to get a stable working patch out the gate, than a three time delayed broken one!    I do hope things are ok over there at Funcom.  A few too many missteps lately is causing evil echoes of doom and gloom around the gaming realm.

In the mean time, we’ve published our 1.2 patch content!

I know, early, blah blah.. But we published to coincide with the launch that isn’t happening.  And honestly, it’ll take too much time and effort to bring it all down.

So let’s recap what we’ve got!
As a note, don’t click links if you don’t want spoilers. 
4 New Investigation Missions:
One new Action mission…

… which is the introduction to the new Auxiliary Weapon – The Rocket Launcher

8 new Lair missions

In each mission zone, there are lairs with end-game level creatures.   These regions have been overhauled into 5 man content with new repeatable side missions which provide segment pieces for lair bosses!  More details to come soon, but you can check out our Lairs Page for more details about each boss and requirements, or check out the objectives of each of the new lair repeatable missions below.

New Cosmetic Options

Time for a facelift!  Or maybe just a simple haircut!

2 Nightmare Difficulty Dungeons

The Facility and Hell Eternal are getting the “Nightmare Mode” treatment!   Look forward to guides and videos on that soon!

And to test these 2 new Nightmares …

The New Group Finder Options and Interface

Players can now use the Group Finder system to find groups across all dimensions!  We’ll be doing a full write up on that as soon as it hits the live servers!



All in all, this looks like a pretty solid update, lots of new features to fit all needs!   And with it, a healthy does of bug fixes and optimizations I’m sure!   Funcom has a gem in The Secret World, even if most the gaming populous doesn’t know it yet!   Let’s hope they keep these kind of updates coming.. (and keeps them on schedule in the future!)


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