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The Secret World: Homeland Insecurity Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Homeland Insecurity Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Homeland Insecurity Guide / Solution Blue Mountain Sarge - (440,230)   The Secret World: Homeland Insecurity Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Homeland Insecurity Guide / Solution13,330

Tier 1: Find & Defend Fireteam Bravo

First things first, check out the map on the table next to the sergeant.  This will mark the areas you will be exploring later.

Your first stop is to meet up with Fireteam Bravo and help them hold their position against a few waves of enemies.

Tier 2: Move Forward & Kill Dreyrugr Lord

After successfully holding your position while on the defensive  it’s time to go on the offensive.  Go to the marked area on your map and look for this ugly fella.  Make it dead!

Tier 3: Find & Defend Fireteam Charlie

You will find them holed up nicely set up with sentry guns.

Your first task will be to find some first aid and tools to repair the sentry guns.  These are located in crates found in the designated area.

When you return to camp, right click on the materials you just gathered while targeting the soldiers and sentry guns to heal and repair them.  You will then come under attack.  A few waves on enemies come from all sides(1 side at a time usually), and eventually face a boss type mob with a lot of hp.  Defeat them all to advance the mission.

Tier 4: Find & Avenge Fireteam Delta

When you get to the marked area, you will find some binoculars.  Use them and look for the Henbane pictured below.  Focus the binoculars on it for a few seconds and the mission will update to killing it.  Be very careful when making your way over there.  While she is not bad, the enemies around her will murder you.


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