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The Secret World: Hide And Seek Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Hide And Seek Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Hide And Seek Guide / Solution Blue Mountain Paul's Note - (259,678)   The Secret World: Hide And Seek Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Hide And Seek Guide / Solution3,330

Tier 1: Examine Paul Gamelin’s Note

You can find this note right next to the Madahândos’ brothers in the Trailer park on a table. Read the note in which Paul Gamelin complains that the Trailer park is running low on supplies. Now it’s your job to scavenge some supplies from the construction side. Yes, that’s right, the lair area. But it’s not so hard as it sounds.

Tier 1: Go To The Casino Construction Site

Just follow the rocky pathway on the right side from the table. The road should take you to the southeast side of the construction side. Continue until you find an opening to some construction scaffolds. It should be around 382,785.

Even though you are now inside the lair, you will not have to fight as long as you stay on the scaffolds. Here you have to gather 3 propane tanks, 3 potential weapons and 7 Water bottles, which you can all find on various scaffold platforms. It is a little tricky to get up on the boards, just jump a little if you’re stuck. If there are not enough items, wait until they respawn, but don’t jump down in the construction side if you have not a high enough faction rank/equipment.

Tier 1: Bring The Supplies Back To Madahândos’ Trailer

If you have everything you need, go back to the Trailer park and click on the door of the Madahândos’ trailer.

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