The Secret World:  Halloween Event 2012 – Consolidated Information
The Secret World: Halloween Event 2012 – Consolidated Information

Samhain (Halloween) 2012  Information

TSW Halloween Event - Main Screen

The first of The Secret World’s seasonal events kicks off with “Samhain” The Halloween Event.  The event includes 3 missions (2 Investigation, 1 Dungeon), 5 Achievements, 5 Lore, and an array of items!

Below is the compiled list of information on the event!


The missions for the Halloween event work as a chain, one must be completed to move on to the other.


TSW Halloween Event - Achievements

At time of writing, still haven’t found a bloody pumpkin head!  It comes randomly from a “Bag of Tricks and Treats!”

  • Hop-tu-naa, Trol-la-laa – Complete all Samhain Achievements
  • Harvester of Horror – Fill out all lore entries in the Samhain Section (See The Lore Locations)
  • Tails from the Crypt – Complete the seasonal mission The Cat God  (See The Mission Start)
  • Head Start – Find a Head-O-Lantern
  • Dead Ahead – Find a Bloody Pumpkinhead



(That We’ve Found….)

There are mobs all over in Blue Mountain that will have a buff, “Haunted” (identifiable by an orange swirl around them.)  When killed, they will spawn a “Kitty of Ulthar“, kill this kitty and get a “Bag of Tricks and Treats!”

The best spot we found to farm these is at coordinates (208,762), the cemetery north of the Wabanaki Trailer Park.

Opening Trick or Treat Bags

Consumable Items:
All increase your out of combat health regeneration. 
  • Crowley’s Crunchies
  • Vine Fruit Gummies
  • Blood Syrup
  • Sugar Skull

Cosmetic Items:

  • Head-O-Lantern
  • Bloody Pumpkin Head
Single Use Cosmetic Items: 
  • Pinch of Blood – Leaves a trail of blood behind you.  Lasts 20 minutes.
  • Touch of Shady  – Leaves a trail of filth behind you.  Lasts 20 minutes
Complete Appearance Change Items:
All last for 20 minutes.
Grim Glamour: Mummy
TSW - Halloween Event - Mummy
Grim Glamour: Vampire
TSW - Halloween Event - Vampire
Grim Glamour: Zombie
TSW - Halloween Event - Zombie

Mummy, Vampire, & Zombie Emotes & Dancing!

I’ve also gotten “Funeral Wrappings” but they don’t appear anywhere, as well as “Severed Foot”  which doesn’t seem to have a use, at the moment…
Did we miss something?   Let us know in the comments below!

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