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The Secret World – Halloween Details
The Secret World – Halloween Details

TSW Halloween Event News

Today, Funcom announced some details about what is coming for the in game Halloween event!   It looks pretty cool, and Irusan definitely looks cool!.

Looks like we’ll also get to see Stonehenge from a PVE perspective!

Below is the original posting from Funcom:

BLOG: Halloween

Hey guys, Tanya Short here, Senior Designer. Before launch, I was in charge of the Dreaming Prison segments of the story mission, the hub cities and faction ranks. Nice to meet you!


(MINOR SPOILER WARNING – this blog post might contain too much secret-divulging for the faint of heart. I’ll stay away from major spoilers, though.)

I’m leading the charge on the Halloween content which is to be activated around October 15th-ish,  and wanted to share with you a bit about what we’re up to and how we work.

We wanted to make Halloween a refreshing break from the ‘main plot’, with a bit of a lighter tone. Compared to the more apocalyptic main game, Halloween should be more like “an episode of Buffy”… but also we should be ambitious, since unlike more fluffy fantasy games, Halloween is our dead-ringer holiday. As Ragnar put it once, “it’s our Christmas!” So we aimed high.

Kasper Hartman (one of our fantastic writers) and I actually started pitching Halloween content storylines back in May, and we went back and forth on a few different ideas with the team. A cursed academic whose research went a little too close to an Ancient Truth? Mysterious radio signals? Celtic rituals? “Samhain” does NOT rhyme with “Ham-Rain”, by the way.

The Secret World Halloween - Head o Lantern

The Head-O-Lantern will only be available for players willing to play a bit of cat-and-mouse… I’m not allowed to say more than that. No comments on the crypt, either. NOPE.

We knew we wanted it to start in Kingsmouth, since it’s our own personal Halloweentown… but we didn’t want to hurt the feelings of those poor survivors either. Asking someone for candy handouts when they’ve just watched their families get eaten by zombies… not so sensitive. We also knew that we had a couple of interesting cat characters seeded in the background of The Secret World, which would be fun to flesh out, especially since our more savvy players would get all the references.

We kept coming back to this idea of the King of Cats, a minor mythological being in ancient Ireland called “Irusan” who’s mostly known for eating a poet that got too snarky. Somewhere between a spirit and a god, Irusan had the right attitude to be a complex adversary. After a few pitches were batted around, we decided we’d focus on what we liked about him—that all the cats of the world could be related somehow, and might be used for a greater purpose. Perhaps a greater… EVIL purpose? Dun dun dunnnn.

Part of the appeal of live content, for me, is developing a character or location that was underused, or under-explored. Seriously, for every 1 cool place or person you’ve seen in the game, there’s 3 more just waiting in the wings to come out and impress you. As a designer, this is awesome. It’s immensely satisfying to me to take something that, in its creators mind was this big complex thing, and help it become what it was always supposed to be. I know, I know, fictional characters don’t have a ‘destiny’ per se, but it still feels good! Closure!

So, this year, we start with Madame Rogêt and her friend Deputy Andy, who each get a bit of depth added, but my favorite part is getting to explore a bit more about Stonehenge and its role as a ley line in the world’s power. Stonehenge is a unique symbol of timeless power and ancient magic, and it’s already a familiar place in The Secret World, but it’s normally limited only to a PvP arena, so it was perfect to get a new Samhainy PvE twist. I’ll stop so I don’t spoil it too much.

The Secret World Halloween - Stonehenge

Stonehenge is looking good as new. Never mind the shadows and moon-veins.

At the moment we’re actually doing the nuts and bolts of the implementation—making sure the cauldron’s bubbling, making sure the zombies have all reported in, making sure the pieces all fit together so it all works properly.  We’ve gotten the voice recordings we need and the cinematics guys are hard at work. I’ve also gotten to know the main villain a bit better, and seen what tricks he has up his sleeve.

So all I need to do now is make sure it works with the boss fight set up by the dungeon team scripter I’ve borrowed (your favorite Hell Raised/Hell Eternal Guy, Steven Lumpkin), and a few other “sightings”. Am I revealing too much? This not-spoiling thing is really hard.

The MOST fun thing is definitely the frills. The mission mechanics and functionality is the ‘most important’, but what really gets me excited is thinking up a cool new reward and using you guys in the forums for inspiration and ideas.

Thinking “Wouldn’t it be fun to look like a vampire for awhile?” on Monday and making it happen on Tuesday makes this the best job in the world. Or “If I had a pet cat with tentacles, shouldn’t it sometimes teleport to another dimension?” or “What would a Crowley’s Crunchies candy taste like?” … really, I could keep putting in frills forever, but Halloween’s coming up fast. And then the winter solstice isn’t far after that!

The Secret World Halloween - Irusan

Irusan, the King of Cats, was never really a lapcat. We do NOT recommend offering him a bowl of warm cream.

Even though you won’t be seeing Irusan just yet, he needs to be ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice, so I have to get back in there and squish a few bugs. I’m on Twitter as tanyaxshort, if you’re looking to shoot me a few questions. Hope I can talk to you again soon!


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