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The Secret World: Funeral Crasher Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Funeral Crasher Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Funeral Crasher Guide / Solution Blue Mountain Eleanor Franklin - (850,290)   The Secret World: Funeral Crasher Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Funeral Crasher Guide / Solution23,330


You can’t spell Funeral Without … FUN!    Which is what this mission is!

Tier 1: Find And Use The Ouija Board

The Ouija Board can be found on the top floor, just follow your way up and use the screenshot for reference of where to look!


Upon inspection, you will have the following message displayed on the board.

This will spell out your next clue:

“It Rages Locked inside 23383IY”

Tier 2: Find Location Indicated by the Board

If you payed attention to the cutscene, you’ll know that Eleanor heard a commotion “just up the road” last night.
Incase you missed it, scroll up and watch it again!

Head for the intersection marked below.

Just off the road, you will see a van in the ditch Coordinates (760,450) – Go Investigate


Upon closer inspection, you notice the license plate.  23383IY

It’s the one the Ouija board spelled out for you earlier!
That means the spirit was trapped and … living in  this van…. down by the river… (+10 points if you get the reference!)

Click the license plate.

Tier 3: Find Clues

Well, no ghost here… So time to look for some clues!  There are two Orochi Tablets on the ground, one to the right side behind the van, and one directly in front of the van.

Examine both tablets.


This last one provided you with a website that takes you here.  

The site talks about how the Manifestations Communicate, and some other facts that will prove useful later.. maybe..

Then finally, click the  ‘Blank Document’

Tier 4: Find Out Where The Spirit Went

After examining the Blank Document, It will start to make the headlights flash.

This random flashing is morse code.  You can decipher yourself by watching in game, the video below, or scroll down under the video for the solution!

The Morse Code Translates to: “Death Walks the Lady’s Path”


Tier 5: Banish The Angry Spirit

So to break this down “Lady’s Path” = Joanna’s Trail

How did we figure that?

Well, a bit of logic..  By looking at the map, we looked for a marked path that had the name of a lady, following that with a bit of..  “Oh look, it’s pretty near the quest…. BINGO!”

I see dead people, at coordinates: 920,184

And since death was mentioned as the requirement for walking this path…
Have you hugged an A’kab today?   If not, now is a good time!
(or you can type /reset .. but what fun is that?!  Show an A’kab some love!) 

Once dead, return to the mutilated corpse and “Use” it.
I’m not sure what Funcom is implying here, I mean.. how does one.. “use” a mutilated corpse..  better yet, don’t answer that.. eewwww..

After violating the corpse.. (You dirty person you…)
The spirit will take off floating, follow it. 

You’ll follow the ghost to a group of more ghosts!

This starts the final puzzle!  Click “Condition 4”

Volaric has included a helpful video below, but the concept is simple..  Listen to the spirits, then click each one in reverse order to play its message back.

(Watch the video)

Incase you’re still confused and the video didn’t help, here’s an explained way to do it.
Face “Condition 4” with your back to the Franklin Mansion, assuming you’re now looking at the 5 spirits, the order is the following:

Far Left   >>   The One Directly To The Right Of It   >> Far Right   >>  The One In The Center.
I even drew a diagram!   Click in the order shown.



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