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The Secret World: From Carthage to Cairo Guide / Solution
The Secret World: From Carthage to Cairo Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: From Carthage to Cairo Guide / Solution Scorched Desert Tanis (549,448)   The Secret World: From Carthage to Cairo Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: From Carthage to Cairo Guide / Solution12.500

This mission is from Tanis in the Scorched Desert  (549,448)

Opening Cinematic

TSW From Carthage to Cairo

Tier 1

Objective:  Go to the bombed area

You can enter the building at coordinates (551 , 407)

TSW From Carthage to Cairo

Objective:  Pick up the buzzing cellphone 

TSW From Carthage to Cairo

Pick up the phone, then it will update to…

Objective: Check the message on the phone

TSW From Carthage to Cairo

There is also a Mysterious Note…

TSW From Carthage to Cairo

Objective:  Eavesdrop on the meeting behind the cafe.

The Opening Cut Scene Plays Out ….


Objective:  Look around of Saiid

As you run around looking, you’ll get an update…

Objective:  Check the phone for a new message

TSW From Carthage to Cairo


Tier 2

Objective:  Enter the abandoned butcher shop

Head to the location marked on your map, and head in the cellar door.

TSW From Carthage to Cairo

Objective: Find Gamel Saad

As you enter, there are laser fields and cameras.  First goal is to time it and run to the right when the camera is not looking, hide in the corner, then move through the opening in the selves jumping over the laser, then run down down the middle lane, then hide in the dark corner under the camera, wait for it to move, then exit the room.

TSW From Carthage to Cairo

In the next room, be careful as you enter to not go too far.. or.. BOOOM!

Hug the wall on the right, hop over the pallets and be safe in the corner.   Make your way through the room until you’re faced with the camera.  Wait for the camera to turn off, then turn towards it.  There is a switch on the wall under it. Just time your movements.

TSW From Carthage to Cairo

Hit the switch, you’ll get a screen update … “A loud creaking sound is heard nearby”

Now wait for the camera to shut off again, then back track out of the room and back to the beginning.  You still need to avoid all of the hazards going back.   Or, just blow yourself up for a means of quickly getting back to the beginning.

A door has opened just under the first camera in the instance.

TSW From Carthage to Cairo

Head into the door, and the mission will update.

Objective:  Free Gamel Saad

There are 3 enemies in the room.  Kill them.  (Or they’ll come after you anyways…)

TSW From Carthage to Cairo

Approach the cage, you’ll see a lock, activate it, the guy will take off running and you’ll get a mission update.

Objective:  Check the phone for a new message.

TSW From Carthage to Cairo

Tier 3

Objective:  Get to the distress signal location 

Go to the location on your map.  As you approach, you’ll get a mission update.

Objective:  Find traces of the Kingdom’s agent

You’ll notice the blood trail on the ground and part of it is interactive.

TSW From Carthage to Cairo

Use it and get an update.

Objective:  Follow the trail of blood. 

Be aware of cameras and enemies here.   Follow the trail which ends at (272, 248) and a Badge on the ground.

TSW From Carthage to Cairo


Objective: Check the phone for a new message

TSW From Carthage to Cairo

Tier 4

Objective:  Explore the ruins west of the date farm

Follow the marker on your map, as you enter the area, head toward the back and your mission will update.

Objective:  Find Hassan Kamil

Click him to get the next update.

Objective:  Activate the detonators

Use the laptop behind Hassan Kamil to update the next objective.

Objective:  Defend Hassan Kamil

TSW From Carthage to Cairo

There are detonators which will cause explosions by each of the 3 pillars, as well as the mortar, use a combination of the 2 to defend this potion.  There are a few waves, nothing too difficult.  When complete, the mission will update again.

Objective:  Check the phone for a new message.

TSW From Carthage to Cairo



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  • Edreamer

    ‘there are a few waves, nothing too difficult’ – speak for yourself ! incredibly cumbersome trying to get in range to activate the detonators and/or the mortars in anything like enough time, whilst ever more waves of attackers keep coming. Am I the only one who finds this part of the quest incredibly frustrating ?

    • It is possible they’ve altered the mission since I made the guide. However, I didn’t have much issue with the waves. I used mostly the detonators as I found the mortar to require too much time to be effective.

      If you time things right, the detonators can wipe the entire wave out, they don’t even have to be right next to the explosives. Wait till they get just past it a bit, then BOOM!

      I’ll try to run the mission again and see if things have changed since I did the guide.

      • Paragon Lost

        Twice I’ve failed in a row, I was using the mortar at first but they dont die in one blast.. Also the explosives are in only certain areas and have to respawn. By that time they are engaged with the guy your protecting and you have to deal with them. After that you can’t activate the mortar because they are all on you. You need two to do this easily. I’ll try a third time. I’m doing shotgun/hammer bodyguard deck which has good blast/aoe.

    • Grete Hallikvee

      Agreed. This part is proving to be incredibly difficult for me too : /

  • Quailish

    Use the mortar on the large fast-moving waves, and save the detonators for each pair of slow-moving assassins at the end.

  • On Tier 3, you can’t just pick up the badge – there is a group of mobs positioned practically on top of it. You have to move around the building, and use the forklift, which will distract the mobs, and allows you to pick up the badge.

  • Sammie

    This mission can suck it. My advise, go there with two or more people, one of you run the mortar and the other the detonators. If you have more than two people even better, the rest can just add DPS. Do it once for the credit and never do it again. Feel free to send Funcom a “thank you” for such a fun mission.

  • Njoy69

    Did u know if this mission still work ? We r stuck on tier 4, activate the detonators and can’t access laptop …

    • It is broken for me at this point as well

      • Kamiel

        same here

        • norppa

          yeh broken

  • Eeyore_Syndrome

    I left TSW mid december…..was really hoping they’ve fixed broken quests by now…. especially ones on the mose recent issue 🙁

  • This is still a pain in the arse! I killed the first 3 mobs with the detonators, then they started getting past my mortars, and within a few seconds i was totally overrun. I had 6 waves, and i haven’t even seen these ‘final assassin’ dudes. this mission is pants – totally overloaded at the end.

  • Belle Starr

    Given previous messages indicating that this is a hard mission, I wanted to throw in my impression that it is not:

    It is possible to use the explosives and the mortar and take everything out. When using the mortar, everything hit is knocked down and stunned long enough to hit them a second time. Try to do that while also using explosives when possible and everything should be fine.

  • Tachy G

    This fucking quest is still impossible unless your overgeared and can dps the mobs. The detonators vanish when used and do not reappear until after then next wave has past the explosives and is beating on your face.

  • Cadrus

    This mission is absolute ass, and _very_ hard to solo, unless you have a specific build centred on mass damage, or holds, or similar.

    For the rest of us. here’s what I discovered:

    1) The mortar is effectively useless. It takes too long to “ramp up” and fire, and it stuns much more often than it kills. Use it only when you have no better option.

    2) Don’t die for this mission; once you feel it’s starting to go south on you, run away. Once you cross the stone bridge leading to the mission area by a small distance, the mission will reset, and you can try again.

    3) It basically comes down to repeating the mission enough times that you get a sense for the timing and the kill radii on the detonators. Use timing on the respawning detonators to kill the enemy groups, and kill stragglers yourself if you must — but don’t take your eyes off the area.

    4) The mortar can be a last-ditch, if Kamil is surrounded, or a group is getting too close, but again it stuns more often than it kills, so be prepared for underwhelming results.

    5) After I finished the mission, it didn’t update (the phone message didn’t trigger), so the mission may glitch on you too. Insult to injury. Good luck!

    • Richard Perry

      Too many Mobs, way too fast on tier 4. Magnificent time waster as you learn to target correctly, die, repeat, ove and over. Missing one guy out of a mob will screw you as you cannot target the mortar while being hit. It cascades from there. Fail, Fail, Fail. Enjoyed it up to the Tier 4 part. Not a fun mission after tier 3, Not worth the aggrivation. Funcom/TSW please take note.