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The Secret World: Foundations Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Foundations Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Foundations Guide / Solution City of the Sun God Tablet Piece - (605,810)   The Secret World: Foundations Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Foundations Guide / Solution30,000

I know it says this is a side-mission but come on…. this has investigation written all over it.

Tier 1: Examine The Tablet

Tier 2: Find And Translate The Second Tablet

You can find the second tablet @ (349,838). There is a PDA in the bush that you will need to interact with.

The tablet doesn’t get highlighted and you cannot press u to activate it.  You have to slowly move your mouse over every inch of the bush until you hover over it in order to get the translation.

The Third Tablet can be found @ (165,345). It’s, once again, under a bush.

The Fourth Tablet can be found @ (805,295).

Tier 3: Find the “Bridge Between Worlds”

The “Bridge between worlds” is found @ (758,140). Before you head there though, make sure to die somewhere along the way, as you need to be in anima (ghost) form in order to proceed. Interact with the Grand architect to get the mission to proceed.

Follow him to find his bones to get mission completion. He will end up @ (745,155) in case you lose him.



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  • Amadahy

    Well I made it to the 2nd tablet indicated above and it let me click on it, but it didn’t advance the quest. Thinking maybe the tablets were out of order somehow, I went to the third tablet, and I couldn’t click on that one yet. I logged out and repaired my game and came back in and while I can still click on that 2nd tablet, nothing happens. It opens, but there’s no quest advancement.

    • Shuralath

      This is because you have to access the Orochi translation too. That’s hidden in the bush next to the corpse and (as stated above) doesn’t have an outline or a “u to use” tooltip, you have to hover your mouse slowly around the bush till you get the green circles type cursor used for computers in the game.

  • Necrodaemus

    If you are looking at the body and tablet there is also a bush. Walk to the side of the bush and you will see another Orochi Translation Device on the ground. Click on that and the quest will advance to the next tier.

    • Necrodaemus

      Sorry, more specifically this is for Tier 2.