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The Secret World: Death and Axes Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Death and Axes Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Death and Axes Guide / Solution Besieged Farmlands Sophi - (1045, 1027)   The Secret World: Death and Axes Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Death and Axes Guide / Solution35,000

(Special Thanks to MaxBlank for the much improved Translations!)

Death and Axes:  Start Mission Text

Opening Cinematic

Full Video Walkthrough

Tier 1:

Objective:  Confront The Spirit That Weighs On Sophie

Well, unless you’ve been leveling up your ‘Spirit Speak’ skill,  (OOOooOoOoooOOOooOoo  100 points if you know what I’m talking about!  Beware, a correct answer will show your age!)   Or you’ve some how spec’d your character as a ‘Spirit Medium’ you’re going to need to find a way to commune with the dead.

What better way to accomplish that goal, than by dying!

Go ahead and  ‘ /reset ‘ yourself, or go out front and find something dangerous and give it a hug.

Objective:  Check Out The Ghost Hovering Around Sophie. 

It kind of goes without saying that as a ghost, return to the bar.  Approach and you should hear the Ghost speak.   If not, you should also get a visual on your screen of what he’s saying.  Try to pay attention to this, if nothing else, walk out and back in to get the ghost to repeat …  “Ioan Patrascu” – Your first major clue.

Death and Axes: I see dead people

After that, it’s time to resurrect and get on to clue hunting.

Objective:  Search For More Information On The Haunting.

First order of business, let’s see who’s staying in the rooms.   Click the Guest Register behind Sophie.

Death and Axes - Guest BookDeath And Axes: Register

Ioan Patrascu – Room #1, head up stairs, first door on the right.

Death and Axes: Room #1

In the room, you’ll find a laptop, some Bingo soda, and some papers.

Death and Axes - Laptop + Paper

First item is to investigate the “Hand Written Note”

Death and Axes - Hand Written Note


Mihail sasu a fost gasit mort, spanzurat de gat.  a fost chemat un comisar de politie de la cluj. Nu asa merg lucrurile in harbaburesti.  spune-i patrascu numai ceea ce trebuie spus si da-i viteza.  Dupa aceea o sa ne ocupam de treaba asta asa cum stim noi.  De vreme ce spiritul bietului baiat se tot invarte pe aici, i-am putea intreba ce isi aminteste.  Daca este tulburat, ii vom aduce pacea.  Daca arata cu degetul, vom face dreptate.


Mihail Sassu was found dead, hanged. A police inspector was called from Cluj. Things don’t work like this in Harbarburesti. Tell Patrashcu only what he need to know and leave asap. After that wi’ll take care of things, our way. As long as the poor boy’s spirit is still around, we should ask him what he remembers. If he’s troubled, will bring him peace, if he points with his finger, will do him justice.

After looking at the note, then turn around and Investigate the laptop.


On the laptop, we can query various things… So let’s find out about Ioan Patrascu.  Type ‘ Ioan Patrascu ‘ in the query.

Death and Axes - First Laptop Screen

You’ll get a report about an investigation regarding “Mihail Sasu

Death and Axes - Laptop Screen # 2

Type ‘ Mihail Sasu ‘ in the query.

Death and Axes - Mihail Sasu Laptop Screen

After doing that, you should get a quest update…

There are some importan clues here, but the main take away is where his body was discovered:
Coordinates (1000 , 695).   Time to head out!

Tier 2

Objective:  Go to the Initial Crime Scene 

Head out to the Coordinates (1000 , 695)

Death and Axes - Mikhail

Death and Axes - Mikhail Sasu 2

Objective: Investigate The Crime Scene

For a clue, Volaric, with his eagerness to die, killed himself and noticed that a Ghost was patrolling the area.   If you follow the Ghost closely, you’ll notice he slows down and stops at certain points.  That’s about as much of a clue as you’re given to figure this out.

Death and Axes - ghost2

There is a cellphone on the ground, directly behind Mihail.  Seek the blood splatter on the wall directly behind him.

Investigate the cell phone. 

Death and Axes - Cellphone

Once you pick up the cellphone, it will create an item in your inventory.  Use the cellphone in your inventory. 

Death and Axes - Text Message

Minute expirate.
Acume e in mainile tale. Cauta.

ENGLISH (almost..)
Minutes Expired.
Now It’s In Your Hands, look for it.

Objective:  Continue Investigating The Crime Scene

As I approached the next piece if evidence, the cellphone name a noise, “Investigate The Cellphone” to see a new message.

Death and Axes - New Text Message


Uita-te in jos sau jur ca te voi bantui intotdeauna.


Look down, if not I swear I’ll haunt you forever

Examine the Cigarette Pack and Broken Wine Bottle At Coordinates: (974 , 701)

Death and Axes - Where To Find Cigarette Pack

Death and Axes - Evidence 2

After investigating the cigarette pack and wine bottom, your mission will update.

Objective: Search For More Clues

Next item, is a love letter.  Investigate the Love Letter Coordinates:  (995,714)
This is located behind Mihail, past the cellphone look on the ground along the rocks.

Death and Axes -loveletter

Death and Axes - love letter text



Noaptea tarziu, cand dormi, spiritele vorbese prin gura ta. Nu vorbesc despre lucruri bune. Asemenea orori nu-si au locul pe chipul tau dulce. Haide sa fugim impreuna. Departe de secretele acestui oras si de aceasta vale a stafiilor.
Am lucrat pe campul Olaru in acest week-end, alaturi de parintii tai. Ma plac suficient de mult. Nu am indraznit sa le spun ca sper sa te rapesc.
Vina la ferma cu mine, duminica. Pot fi curajos. Le voi Spune despre viitorul pe care vreau sa-I construiesc Alaturi de tine, la oras. Nu vrei sa vii?

ENGLISH (sort of…)


When you sleep late at night the spirits talk through your mouth. They don’t say nice things. Such horrors should not be coming from you, from your sweet face. Let’s run together far from the secrets of this town and from this valley of ghosts. I worked on Olaru’s land this weekend, along with your parents. They like me pretty well. I didn’t have the courage to tell them that I hope I’ll kidnap you. Come with me to the farm, Sunday. I can be brave. I’ll tell them I want to build our future together in the town, Do you want to come?


Tier 3

Objective:  Follow The Clues In the Letter

Mihail mentions the “Field Olaru”  – Open your map, look for the farm to the North East, at Coordinates: (1050 , 827) – get there.

As soon as you wander on to the farm, your mission will update again…

Objective:  Look For Sophie’s Father

You’ll locate him at Coordinates: (1149 , 834)

Investigate him, as well as the “Broken Glasses” on the ground.  The Broken Glasses will appear in your inventory after investigating.

Death and Axes - sophies dad

Objective:  Look For Sophie’s Mother 

You’ll locate (parts) of her at Coordinates: (1102 , 876)

Death and Axes - sophies mom

Once you’ve found both corpses, your mission will update yet again…

And … You’ll need to   ‘ /reset ‘  yourself again.

Objective:  Search For Clues Near Sophie’s Father’s Corpse

As you approach the spirit of Sophie’s Father, you’ll hear him say… V …  L  make note of that.

Death and Axes - dads ghost

Objective:  Search For Clues Near Sophie’s Mother’s Corpse

As you approach the spirit of Sophie’s Mother, she will say…  ” 1 … 5 … 9 ” 

Death and Axes - moms ghost

Tier 4

Objective: Analyze the clues using the inspector’s laptop.

To the laptop from the start of the mission!  Head back and use the laptop!

We decided to try to search what the ghosts of Sophie’s Parents had said, input in the laptop, ” VL159 “

Death and Axes - vl159

Objective: Use The Clues To Accuse The Murderer 

So who killed Mihail?
  • They Are a Smoker (Cigarretes at crime scene.)
  • They Are A Drinker (Broken Wine Bottle at crime scene.)
  • They wear Glasses (as left behind at Sophie’s Father’s Corpse)
To let’s do this!
After selecting  1) — Search By Evidence  You’ll get a new screen with 7 options.  The only option which does not result in a  “Your access to information from this county is restricted, Inspector.  Contact your Subcomisar to gain access.”  message is     3) – – “Bacas County”    so hit that.
The order goes:
3) — Bacas County —
1) — Brunette —
1) — Habits —
1) — Smoking —
3) — Glasses —
“1 suspect identified.  Aron Sasu.  Last seen in Baca County.”
NOTE:  If you ” /accuse ” the wrong person, you will need to return to the laptop to advance the mission again.
So time to find Mr. Aron Sasu, Mihal’s Brother.   Since Aron himself doesn’t have a listed address in the laptop records, we had to think of where he might be…  Mihail lived at 106 Harbaburesti, At Coordinates (1087 , 1112)
Head up the stairs at the side of the house.
Death and Axes - Mikhail's house
Here you’ll find Aron Sasu.     “/accuse”  him.
As soon as you do, he becomes hostile, which updates the mission …
Death and Axes - Aron Sasu
Objective:  Defeat Aron Sasu
Open Fire.

Once Aron Sasu is dead, you’re mission will update yet again…

Objective:  Examine Aron’s Notebook

The blue notebook is right in front of where he was sitting. Examine it to reveal:

Death and Axes - Aron Sasu's Journal


Am stiut intotdeauna ca salbaticia o inbeste. Spiritele se asaza in jurul ei precum cainii langa foc. Insa anul acesta, cand a condus paparuda, mi-am dat seamu ca si en o inbesc.
Am gasit scrisorile fratelui meu. Scrisori catre ea. Chiar trebuie oare sa ne intrecem la toate? Atunci asa sa fie – Si fie ca cel mai bun dintre noi sa-i afle numele adevara.
Lumina din ochii ei a stralucit pentru o Clipa, apoi a pierit. A incercat s-o ascunda, insa am stiut. M-a luat drept el. L-a ales pe el.
Daca eu nu o pot avea, de ce sa o aiba el?
Nu asa mi-am inchipuit eu de-loc nu mi-am inchipuit asa. Sa ma intorc singur de pe podul indragostitilor. Sa ma intorc criminal.
Pasarile negre se strang la fereastra mea. Daca adorm, o sa-mi scoata ochii.
A venit un politist de la oras. Pasarile negre mi-au spus-o in clipocitul apei din uluci.
Razand ca tevile de scurgere, azi-noupte, in-au dus la ferma. pacatuiesc iar si iar. im are un gust sarat, ci dulce. Dulce ca otrava de soboiani.
daca eu nu o pot avea, de ce sa o aiba altcineva?
Politistul stie ca eu am fost. Se joaca cu mine asa cum o pasare neagra incoiteste sarmanul miel. nu va muri in somn, ca ceilalti.
Bolboroselile intunericului, iuresul iubitilor si fratilor morti. Imi spune sa aduc politistul. Adu-l acolo unde a inceput ura mea.


I always knew she loves wilderness. The spirits hover around her like a dog around a fire. Sadly, I realized this year that I also love her. I found my brother’s letters to her. Do we really have to compete for everything? So be it. The best amongst us should find her real name. For a moment there was a shining light in her eyes . It disappeared after a while. She tried to hide it, but I knew. She took me for him (my brother?) She chose him. If I can’t have her, why should he? I never ever believed this was possible. To return alone from the lovers bridge. To return as a criminal. The black birds fly towards my window. If I sleep they will pluck my eyes. A policeman care from the town. The black birds told me. Tonight at the farm..I have sinned gave me a sweet and sour taste… weet as rat poison, If I can’t have her why would anybody else? The policeman knows it was me. He plays with me, like a eagle around his prey. He’s not going to die sleeping, like the others. The darkness mutterings, the lovers and dead brothers’ excitement, tells me to bring the cop. Bring him where my hatred started.

After reading the notebook, the mission will update once more …

Objective:  Locate The Corpse Of Ioan Patrascu

Trying to make sense of the poor Google Translation, we arrived at a few clues, but took us a bit to actually discover that the main clues to focus on from the translation are… “Get back on the bridge …”  BRIDGE being the key.

We found Mr. Patrascu located under the bridge at Coordinates: (943 , 794)

Death and Axes - Ioan Patrascu Corpse

Once you inspect him, your final mission update…

Objective: “Kill the Herald of Hatred” 

Death and Axes - Herald of Hatred



Note:  We welcome any translation from people who can actually translate the text used in the mission.   Some times Google Translator just doesn’t get it!   Let us know in the comments below.


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