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The Secret World: Crime And Punishment Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Crime And Punishment Guide / Solution

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The Secret World: Crime And Punishment Guide / Solution The Savage Coast Sam Krieg - (905,101)   The Secret World: Crime And Punishment Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Crime And Punishment Guide / Solution17,500

TSW Crime And Punishment Mission - Mission Start

Opening Cinematic

Tier 1: Find Sam Krieg’s Abandoned Car

Begin by Examining the Discarded Letter on the floor, next to the desk.

TSW Crime And Punishment: Discarded Letter

As this is an investigation mission, be sure to read it carefully 😉

TSW Crime and Punishment - The Letter

Notice that the The parts in the beginning of the note will help you later on, but for now you’re interested in the 2nd to last paragraph. I’ve highlighted the important parts!

The most sentimental road you can find on the map is Lover’s Regret.  So head there and you will find his abandoned car Coordinates are (755,369).

Tier 2: Look For Clues at The Gas Station

When you get to the car, you need to trace where he came from.
Good thing he said he used GPS to get here, so pick it up and playback the last directions.

Crime And Punishment - The GPS
When you find the GPS device, click play to listen to the directions he followed to get here.

Please Exit onto a Mapped Road
Continue East Bound for 200 Yards  Take the Second Exit
Prepare to Turn Right
Turn Right and Follow the Road for 500 Yards
Continue to Follow the Road
Prepare to Turn Left
Turn Left Now
Navigation Paused

As you can see, the car crashed into a tree, it failed to turn left, and because it wasn’t moving for a while, the navigation paused.  This means the left turn was never made.  So going back along the road the car came from, that is the “Follow the Road for 500 yards” direction from the navigation.  He has to turn right to get onto this road, so you will turn left since you’re going in the reverse direction.  You know that he traveled on this path for 200 yards.  Use the map to estimate 500 yards from this intersection to where the car was abandoned.  Then take about 40% of the length and trace back along this road to the west.  This will put you in the town.  This fits with the directions because the Second exit was Henderson’s Gate, the first being Illumination Way.  At the gas station, you will see tire tracks.  Walk over them towards the gas station and you will find that you have found his starting point.  

Coordinates are (364,743).

Here you need to look for hints.

Remember in the discarded letter at the beginning he said he threw away a photograph?
Check the trash can to find that photo.

TSW - Crime and Punishment The Trash Can

TSW Crime and Punishment - The Picture

Tier 3: Figure Out Where Krieg’s Informant Lived

To find out where he lived, you need to look for the photo pictured in the house.
Hint: You passed by it on your way here.

If you go to the website indicated, ( you will find that he still has internet, so that confirms it’s in a place with electricity.

You’re looking for the big red house on the other side of the street from the gas station.  Coordinates are (460,701).

Tier 4: Find a Way Inside The House

To get inside the house, you will need a passcode to enter the “Mancave“.
Entrance is around the left side of the building, specifically Coordinates are  (457,723).

Now would be the time to open up the website in another window and start researching if you don’t want the answer handed to you.  This was a fun information hunt =)
The answer lies within the website.  One of the posts is as follows.

You know you’re obsessed when…

1. You eat a Sam Krieg breakfast every day.
2. You’ve gone through his trash.
3. You can name every book he’s ever written, and a few that he never finished.
4. Your four-digit security codes all come from his books.
5. You’ve got a blog in his honor.

Come on, I know I’m not the only one!

We tried all the years, all the dates, nothing.  There is one post where he lists the covers of 4 of the books.

When you click on one, it will give you a little slide-show presentation.  During this slide-show, the books ISBN numbers are listed in the bottom left hand corner of the page.  The above statement says they are 4 digits so we went through and tried several combinations of each ISBN-13 number.

The winner was Sam Krieg’s “The Resident Horror“.  Input the last 4 digits of this ISBN-13 Number (8237) to gain entrance to the Man-cave.

TSW Crime and Punishment - The Man Cave Pass Code

Tier 5: Access The Informant’s Files

Into the Mancave!

Access the computer in the back corner and request the ‘hint‘.
It will give you the hint: “Foucault’s Pendulum – Hardcover Original“.
TSW Crime And Punishment - The Comptuer

So, do what we’ve known to do best in this internet age, and Google it! 

The first link on Google returns and since we had to use ISBN #‘s in the previous section, it’s a safe bet we’re going to need to use them again.
When looking up the book, be sure to make sure you’re looking up the hardcover version!

(Amazon Link:

Or, here’s the important Details:

  • Hardcover: 635 pages
  • Publisher: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich; 1st trade ed edition (November 1, 1989)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0151327653
  • ISBN-13: 978-0151327652
  • Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 1.8 x 9.5 inches

Type the ISBN-13 Number  9780151327652 (without the dash)  into the computer input and send it away.


Volaric collected all the computer data entries below in case you want to do some light reading.


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