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The Secret World: Carter Unleashed Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Carter Unleashed Guide / Solution

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The Secret World: Carter Unleashed Guide / Solution The Savage Coast Carter - (307,369)   The Secret World: Carter Unleashed Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Carter Unleashed Guide / Solution7,500

TSW Carter Unleashed - Mission Start

Pre-Req: The Rec Center Cannot Hold

Tier 1: Assemble A Charged Ward Generator

Turn around and look on the table for “Montag’s Notebook

TSW Carter Unleashed Montags Notebook

You’ll need to pick up the W.A.N.D. Anima Manipulator before leaving the room.

TSW Carter Unleashed W.A.N.D. Manipulator

Walk around and find at least 7 familiars on the first floor.

Kill them, or round them up and bring them through the office door so that the ward can destroy them.

When it does, pick up the (7) Anima Charges.

Once you have 7 Anima Charges, head upstairs and into the headmasters office to pick up the Portable Ward Generator.

With all items in hand, combine the portable ward generator with anima charges, and assemble it using the W.A.N.D. manipulator to form a Charged Ward Generator.

Tier 2: Find a Way to Open Maintenance Door in Basement

Go back downstairs and enter the Innsmouth Academy Basement, a solo instance.

Inside you will find Carter.  You are going to have to find the Source of the Familiars, but before you venture forth, be sure to know how/ when to use the Charged Ward Generator so that you can protect yourself from Carter when she loses control of her powers.

Sometime during your time in the basement, Carter will burst out in flames and lose control.
You will have to protect yourself using the Charged Ward Generator you created a little while ago.
Right click on it as soon as Carter starts to spin out of control.
This will place a protective bubble around you that will keep you safe while everything else gets annihilated.

Note:  If you’re above level for this area, there’s about a 90% chance you’ll never see Carter go nuts.  You’ll kill things so quickly, she won’t have time to charge up her abilities.   If you want to see the light show, take it easy on killing the familiars and the large glob of meat at the end. 

Now that that’s out of the way, continue through the linear basement, killing groups of familiars as you pass.  You will come across a Maintenance door.  When you try opening it, you discover that it is locked.

Keep moving through the area to find a control panel which will open the door.

Interact with the control panel to open the door.  Now while you’re heading back to the door, familiars will start coming to life, detaching themselves from hooks, and attacking you.


Tier 3: Destroy The Flesh Abomination

After passing through the door and killing more stuff, you will come into the room with a Flesh Abomination in the middle.

Approach it to begin the fight.

Somewhere near the middle of the fight, you’ll be swarmed by familiars.  If you’re weak on the DPS side of things, be ready to activate your Charged Ward Generator because Carter is about to Unleash on the group.
Assuming all has gone well, finish off any remaining freakish things and ascend the ladder to complete the mission!


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