The Secret World – Build Guides – Chaos/Hammer Nightmare Double Impair Tank Build
The Secret World – Build Guides – Chaos/Hammer Nightmare Double Impair Tank Build

Double Impair Nightmare Tank Build

Submitted by: Volaric

WEAPONS: Hammer/Chaos


Escalation- Basic Threat Builder + AoE Attack.  Spam this to 5, then use Reality Fracture, then finish stacking the weaken up to 10.

Grip Whip – Increase Block Rating to 5 stacks and keep it there.  Alternate between spamming this or Escalation, depending on in threat is an issue.

Helter Skelter – Forward Column Dash attack that impairs anything in my path.  Used when there is a lot of trash/adds and I want them to stop smacking something for a few seconds OR if Beatdown is on cool down, this is the second Impair ability.

Beatdown – My Go-to Impair ability in nightmares.  Single target impair.

Reality Fracture – Highly Necessary to maintain threat since Escalation alone just doesn’t cut it.  Also a drop it and forget about it type thing.  Healers/DPS know to run into the reality fracture if they have stuff on them and need me to take it off.

Raging Volcano – Makes up to 5 targets attack me for the duration of the ability.  Useful for getting aggro on things that are loose on healers/DPS.  Also if taunt is on cool down, this acts as a perfect backup.

Provoke – Basic single target taunt attack to be used if DPS rips aggro on boss or for getting the boss back to me after an Aggro wipe.


Agitator – 300% Threat boost

Hardcase – Increase Magical + Physical Protection by 150 as long as i keep applying Weakened State (Escalation)

Intensity – Reduce all damage taken by 7.5% as long as i keep hitting a weakened target

Paradigm Shift – Gain 150 hit Rating as long as i keep applying Weakened State (Escalation)

Insult to Injury – Reduce damage enemy deals to me by 3% (Stacks 10 times) whenever i critically hit it.  Teamed up with unfair’s granting everyone 100% crit for 6 seconds + high Crit rating on my dps piece, this is always at 10 stacks.

Fuel to The Fire – Extra Threat boost

Forged In Fire – Whenever I get below 50% hp, I gain back 40% over 10 seconds.  helps healers out on damage intensive portions of fights.

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