The Secret World – Build Guides – Submission Info
The Secret World – Build Guides – Submission Info

Builds In The Secret World

We’ve had many requests to cover a build calculator, build guides and strategies.

The problem is, we’re just 2 guys and we’ve got a lot on our plate already!  A true “Build Guide” would have to come from the perspective of someone who uses it, tests it, and finds success in it.  

That’s why… We want YOU!  Yes, YOU!

Tell us how you play!  Tell us about your skills, rotations, what makes your character awesome?  How do you demolish lairs solo?   Survive every Nightmare encounter?   We want to know!  (really, we do, cause we’re terrible!)

So here’s how this works…

We have set up a new guide submission for at:  Submit Guides

We’re trying to break down the builds into: Tank Builds, Healing Builds, Damage (DPS) Builds, Solo Builds, and Nightmare Builds …

So if you have something that falls into those categories and wish to submit it for internet fame, glory, and a chance to be seen by virtually the entire player base of ‘The Secret World’, you can either fill out the form or email it to [email protected]be sure to include character name, if you have a website or forum profile you want the credits linked back to, links to your Chronicle, and any other important information!

We’ve teamed up with To bring you their absolutely amazing build and gear calculators!   Build out your character here, submit a link in the comments below with a description of your build and we’ll post it!

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