The Secret World – Build Guides – Solo AR Leech Build
The Secret World – Build Guides – Solo AR Leech Build

Solo AR Leech Build

Submitted by: Keph

This is the build I use for signet farming and soloing all Transylvannia signet quests. This is not a beginner solo build, as it requires a good bit of AP, though the main abilities can be gotten very quickly. Currently, I’m at 2778 Attack Power with 10-10.1 purples when I’m using my tank belt and I’m penetration-focused, with relatively little crit (working on that as I upgrade).


Anima Shot – spammable builder, main heal

Supressing Fire – AOE builder

Fire At Will – AOE consumer

Transfuse Anima – single target consumer, bigger heal than Anima Shot

Lock & Load – Builds 3 (or 5 with the Extra Clip passive) assault rifle resources. I’ve found it very helpful to have bound to an extra mouse button.

Turn the Tables – Misc tree self heal for 642, for emergencies

Optional: I generally use Red Mist, but sometimes Pistol Love if I’m fighting the fungal mobs in Shadowy Forest, in order to cleanse myself after fights. You could use whatever you like here from any other weapon — basically anything that doesn’t require resources, since Anima Shot only builds for assault rifles.


Experience (elite): I’ve seen similar builds to this one and many of them don’t use this passive — Experience is WAY better than the tooltip indicates. It increases the effectiveness of leech effects by 25%, yes, but it ALSO increases the damage of those abilites, so it makes Anima Shot nearly on par with Hip Fire and Transfuse Anima actually hits very slightly harder than base Three Round Burst (assuming you’re not using Improved Bursts and/or Ferocity, neither of which are part of this build). Hard to believe? Just check it.

Eagle Eye: 10% Improved AR damage. Must have.

Lethality: 10% damage increase with 10 stacks, assuming you don’t glance. You should not be glancing against soloable mobs — if you do, get more hit rating. You will still very occassionally glance, per the RNG gods.

Twist the Knife: 9% damage increase with three stacks, stacks when you penetrate. If you don’t have a high penetration rating, you COULD replace this with Accuracy (5% damage on all non-glancing hits) or something crit based.

Anticogulant: Actually a fairly nice little DoT, but I really included in order to apply afflicted for the next ability.

Iron Maiden: Flat 10% increase to Penetration chance when you penetrate a target that’s afflicted. Again, if you don’t have much penetration rating, switch to something crit based or just basically anything that increases your damage. You don’t need more healing out of this build, so at this point your goal is to increase your DPS so as to kill mobs just that much faster. Salt in the Wound could be good here, among other things.

Knuckle Down: Builders do 10% more damage. Now, this one could confuse people. Why not Anima Boost (increases effectiveness of Anima Shot by 7.5%)? Well, Anima Boost IS very good and is what I was using for a long time. The reason I switched to Knuckle Down is two-fold: 1) I didn’t need more healing and this just slightly increases the damage of Anima Shot more than Anima Boost does. 2) This also increases the damage of Suppressing Fire. You could also use Closer (consumers do 7.5% more damage) instead. I leave it up to you.

Now, one passive I don’t use that many people might call for is Extra Clip, which makes Lock & Load build 5 resources instead of 3. I personally don’t think it’s worth using that passive in lieu of the other passives in this build. For the most part, Lock and Load is plenty by itself and the best use out of it is for “double tapping” mobs, IMO.

One active that people might feel is missiing is Shot of Anima (pure heal). I think it’s FAR better to use the resources you might otherwise have used on Shot of Anima on Transfuse Anima instead. Transfuse Anima actually heals very nicely by itself AND does nice damage to the mob. If you REALLY need emergency healing, that’s what Turn the Tables is for.

So, a basic, by the books fight is like this: Anima Shot x 5 -> Transfuse Anima -> Anima Shot x2 -> Lock and Load -> Transfuse Anima -> Red Mist (if you’re using that). Repeat. Could use Red Mist at the beginning, but I’d rather build my buff stacks first. If you’re moving immediately from one fight to another and have your stacks up then, yeah, Red Mist first.

A fight against pack mobs is basically Suppressing Fire x5 -> Fire at Will -> Suppressing Fire x2 -> Lock and Load -> Fire at Will. Repeat as necessary. I don’t incluse AOE leeches in this build because they…suck…and also because if you’re taking too much damage from group mobs then you just switch to the Anima Shot rotation instead and/or use Turn the Tables. Pack mobs always have low HP so the fights never last too long anyway. For the most part, you should kill them with no more than two of the above AOE rotations, generally.

And that’s basically it. The lack of a second consumer might throw some people off, but I promise you it’s not needed. If you want to use a second consumer, then a leech build is not for you, IMO.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps. 🙂

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