The Secret World – Build Guides – Shanna’s Solo/Survival Blade/Fist Build
The Secret World – Build Guides – Shanna’s Solo/Survival Blade/Fist Build

Shanna’s Solo/Survival Blade/Fist Build

“I’ve been using this build for quite a while now with good results from Kingsmouth all the way into Besieged Farmlands, with a few minor improvements over time. I’m also interested in improvements, so if you have any ideas, feel free to adjust and let me know of your success.”

Submitted by: Shanna

WEAPONS: Blade/Fist


– Surging Blades / Matador, depending if you need additional mobility or a single-target builder.
– Blade Torrent
– Crimson Theatre / Brandish, depending on whether you want a single-target spender.
– Balanced Blade -> Clearing the Path
– Stunning Swirl -> The Art of War
– Surgical Steel
– Nurture -> Cauterise
– Martial Discipline with Regeneration, plus Riposte


– Perfect Storm
– Lick Your Wounds -> Resilient Defender
– Fluid Defense -> Flight of Daggers
– Salt in the Wound -> Reposte
– Sharp Blades
– Perseverance -> Bloodsport
– Gnosis -> Brandishing Support

The idea is that you lead in with Surging Blades or Blade Torrent, which (with the passive) causes Affliction on up to 5 targets. Follow that with Clearing the Path (which Penetrates any Afflicted target) on all 5 targets. It’s not necessary (or even practical) to build up to 5 resources before you use CtP, as even one resource will allow it to Penetrate and therefore hit hard. Since you are building Fist resources as well, add Surgical Steel into your rotation for some additional self-healing.

Once you have Bloodsport, you can change from Blade Torrent to Forking Paths as a builder for an automatic self-heal. Beware that Blade Torrent is a Frenzy, and some useful passives can trigger from that, whereas Forking Paths is just a straight attack. If you need more self-heals at this point, throw in Tipped Scales, which will trigger soon after using Stunning Swirl or The Art of War.

Cauterise is there just to build for Surgical steel during the points where you’re not actually out of combat (can’t eat a taco) but need to heal before the next wave shows up.

This build can generate a lot of threat, but it isn’t a tank build, so be careful in parties that have a tank weaker than your DPS output.

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