The Secret World – Build Guides – Safe Solo Assault Rifle/Elemental
The Secret World – Build Guides – Safe Solo Assault Rifle/Elemental

Firepower: a DPS build.

Submitted by:KoiBoy
WEAPONS: Assault Rifle/Elementalism

This is the build I used for solo play, while intending to be an AR healer at maturity. It has solid damage, very good leech, and efficient AoE. In quest reward gear, it takes several extra enemies to begin threatening my life due to the combined heals and leeches. No downtime between pulls, no mystery meat Tacos. It’s also quite an AP economical build, coming to maturity early while building alongside the core AR healing abilities.
Sure, other specs might mow through some guys a little faster, but you’re stubborn, heal off all but the gravest wounds, and spend far less time running back to your mangled high dps body.


1. Anima Shot – Basic builder, workhorse healer.
2. Transfuse Anima – Single target consumer that heals.
3. Anima Outbreak – Area consumer, heals as well. Comes a little later in the build though, Fire at Will covers in the meantime.
4. Shot of Anima – Hey, sometimes things get hairy. This will keep you in it.
5. Lock and Load – Want more damage now? Need another dose of a direct heal? Use your consumer of choice again on demand! As of right now, it does not seem to reset the cooldown of Anima Outbreak for some reason.
6. Slow the Advance – A great ability used to initiate groups. The slow will give you time to get 2 full consumers off with Lock and Load, significantly softening the enemy before they can reach you.
7. Flex spot. Many situations call for special abilities, such as Nightmarish enemies, several of whom have a weakness to a certain debilitating effect. Sometimes you just need more healing, in which case I recommend Mortar Support or Platoon. Incendiary Grenade is a solid choice also, if a bit out of the way. Use this slot to do whatever you need.


1. Anima Boost – Extra damage and healing on our main ability? Yes please.
2. Eagle Eye – Extra damage on Everything is a no brainer, right?
3. Extra Clip – Gives Lock and Load that little extra kick.
4. Experience – Further improved damage and healing on our builder and main consumer.
5. Anticoagulant – Easy, free damage. Right in the middle of a skill tree you’re already taking for dungeon healing.
6. Explosives Expert – It’s a little bit out of the way to be sure, but it tops off well. Get it after your main spec, at the same time as Incindiary Grenade.
7. Flex spot. I usually use this spot to compliment my flex active, be it to apply a weakness status or whatnot. Early on, I suggest Lick your Wounds as a very cheap choice. Later, Salt in the Wound is free damage on top of Anticoagulent.


Despite being a healing spec you want to be frugal on the healing gear, in no small way due to leeches scaling on attack rating as well. I find even through Transylvania that the Head and one Major talisman provide more than enough healing power to keep me up against all but the silliest pulls. Fill the rest with high attack/low HP greens, or pure attack blues. Season to taste.
When choosing glyphs, be sure to take a bit of Hit and Penetration to lessen Glance and Block. Crit and Crit Power are best saved for pure healing gear.
Gearing appropriately, you’ll find you don’t kill much slower than others, but have much more staying power.

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