The Secret World – Build Guides – Nightmare Chaos/Blade Tank Build
The Secret World – Build Guides – Nightmare Chaos/Blade Tank Build

Draxess’ Nightmare Tank Build Chaos/Blade

Submitted By: Draxess (Heaven and Earth Cabal)

Weapons: Chaos/Blade

All round Nm tank build (all 3 ‘old’ Nm and those that don’t require healtank). Can use it as MP build in all three old also, just insert Sleight of Hand instead of Reality Fracture in Polaris unless someone u trust group cleanses on Ur Draug ;).

Passive skills:

Turbulence, Hardcase, Shoot’em Up, Intensity, Fuel to the fire, Agitator, Sixth Sense.

Active skills:

provoke, Escalation, Crimson Theatre, Reality Fracture, trial By Swords, Art of War, Point of Harmony.


Sleight of hand (Polaris), can also switch in Helter Skelter for a third Impair/Dash if u feel you need it somewhere, But i just go with above skill set. For impairs ALWAYS start off with Art of War, otherwise you’ll have CD trouble 🙂

Been refining this build this i started off in NM’s, most healers seems to like it and i can keep aggro with 1 538 AR piece (47ar signet and 240 AR pot) so something must be right.

Signets i use:

Signet of Discipline (blue)
Signet of violence (green)
Signet of Ablation (blue)
Signet of Hatred (blue)
Signet of Salvation (blue)
Signet of Sadism (blue) sword
Signet of Cruel Delight (blue) Chaos Focus

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