The Secret World – Build Guides – FirePower AR/Ele DPS Build
The Secret World – Build Guides – FirePower AR/Ele DPS Build

Firepower: a DPS build.

Submitted by: Bon Vivant
WEAPONS: Assault Rifle/Elementalism.
Core Active Skills:

Safety Off, Shock, Blaze, Three-Round Burst, Lock and Load.
-I prefer Suppression Fire and Red Mist, but neither is essential to this build.

Passive Skills:

Eagle Eye, Elemental Precision, Highly Strung, Aidelon, Elemental Force, Volatile Current.
-I recommend Full Clip, Dark Potency, Extra Bullet or Brawler for the seventh slot.


rotate through 2 uses of Safety Off and 1 of Shock for 3 Elemental Resources.
Cast Blaze. Receive Crit.
Highly Strung activates.
Repeat the first rotation, but pay attention when Elemental Force hits 6 counters.
Use your next resource builder, and as soon as Elemental Force hits 7 counters use Three-Round Burst ASAP.
If you’re quick enough, Three-Round Burst won’t consume Elemental Force’s automatic critical hit.
Use the still-present Elemental Force charges for Red Mist (or any other high-damage single target attack) or go to Lock and Load/Three-Round Burst.

There are two keys at this point: one is to use up the free crit, and the other is to promptly use Blaze to that you crit with it, and burn your Elementalism resources to reactivate Highly Strung.

Repeat, chortling where appropriate.

If done cleanly Highly Strung will almost always be in effect, you’ll be scoring constant 1000+ crits with any QL gear, and the target will constantly be Afflicted. It also only improves as your gear improves, and it’s pretty cheap to get into barring Red Mist.

Your targets will die in your fire. Rapidly.

Note: Firepower has 3 general Cons;

1) It’s unresponsive. This build is poor for PvP as everything it does requires time to activate and is not very dynamic.*

2) It’s slow. Just about every power also reduces your movement while the activation time plays out. Manage your movement carefully against bosses.

3) It’s single-target. With some judicious resource juggling crowds of mobs are manageable, but barely.*

*Lock and Load/Three-Round Burst is the exception, and makes a very strong emergency response.

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