The Secret World – Build Guides – Con’s Fist/Shotgun healing build
The Secret World – Build Guides – Con’s Fist/Shotgun healing build

Con’s Fist/Shotgun healing build

This build is very useful for nightmare runs like Polaris or others where you might as well do the cleansing yourself.
I’ve used it a few times on last boss in Hell Raised to do the second cleanup but it requires that the dps stick close to you to use shelter, or at least so you can have them in range for heals since you wont have Fired up or Platoon
You’ll of course want to have a high crit rating like for all other fist healing builds in order to proc Empowerment
The entire build costs 639 AP


1. Cauterise
2. Nurture
3. Surgical Steel (can be exchanged for Creature Comfort depending on personal preference, just remember to change the two burst passives too)
4. Empathy
5. Shelter
6. Breaching Shot (Shotguns, can be exchanged for another utility like Mass Confusion for example)
7. Cleanup (Shotguns)


1. Empowerment
2. Making Amends
3. Shadow Medic (Assault Rifles)
4. Hot Iron
5. Brawler (Hammers)
6. Healing Sparks
7. Improved Bursts (Assault Rifles)


For Viper’s Deck Manager:

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