The Secret World – Build Guides – Astyel’s Solo/Survival Fist/Chaos Build
The Secret World – Build Guides – Astyel’s Solo/Survival Fist/Chaos Build

Astyel’s Solo/Survival Blade/Chaos Build

“I started out this build as a survival deck for those hard missions and hardcore content that can be found on the late stages of the game, such as Carpathian or Shadowy Forests. It’s based on single target skills, with a single passive for aoe damage, but it can still be tweaked out a bit to input some aoe damage.

It has a decent single target damage, but where it truly shines is in his awesome survability, making you almost impossible (if well played) to kill.”

Submitted by: Astyel

WEAPONS: Fist/Chaos


1. Run Rampant
2. Four Horsemen
3. One-Two
4. Surgical Steel
5. Bushwack (I like having a charge/impair starter for hard fights, but this slot is entirely up to user’s choice)
6. Helter Skelter (awesome for when things are gettin nasty… a “get me out of there, and leave ’em there” button)
7. Turn the tables (my personal “Oh shit” button… yet again, I found that I don’t even use it quite that much)
– Nurture -> Cauterise


1. Breakdown
2. Inevitability
3. Paradigm Shift (up to user’s choice. it’s great for making sure not to miss any of the Fh hits, but yet again, it might be changed for something more usefull)
4. Healing Sparks (Every of your attack skills is a “Burst” skill… so this is a constant HoT)
5. Improved Bursts (it will improve your attacks AND your heal skill)
6. From the Abyss (I truly learned to love this skill… this is your main source of aoe dmage, and since it will be triggerin quite often you’ll find that even fighting mobs 1 by 1 you’ll be taking them down fast enough)
7. Ferocity (this skill, combined with Paradigm shift, will give you an almost permanent damage increase during long fights)



The main idea of this build is that every time you hit with your builder, you’ll be stacking weakened on the enemy and evade buffs on yourself as well as a HoT. Adding Inevitability will make you even harder to hit.
FH is a good damagin skill, and you’ll learn to love it with this build.
For harder fights, you can use your chaos skills as your damage output and save your Fists counters for SS, to increase your durability overall, or pop 1 or 2 early OT to get a damage spike early on.
As I said, this build is focused mostly on single target, as the synergy with your passives will make you virtually invulnerable. However, dropping TtT or Bushawk for Karma or another AOE of your choice, will give you a bit more damage output against swarm type mobs.

On gear, I found a great combination using a 30% tank, 50% dps and 20% healer.
However, another good combination for easier areas/fights might a pure 80% dps 20% healer.

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