The Secret World – Build Guides – AR/Shotgun Nightmare DPS Build
The Secret World – Build Guides – AR/Shotgun Nightmare DPS Build

AR/Shotgun Nightmare DPS Build

Submitted by: Souljeh [Crusaders of the North] - Huldra - TSW

Details: This is a AR/Shotgun build for Nightmare DPS

WEAPONS: Assault Rifle/Shotgun

It is a simple rotation and one of the highest if not the highest dps build inn the game. Note: For this build to be effective you want to focus your offstats on PENETRATION RATING.

The basic roation of this build is to build up 5 combo points and use your consumers. If you have ok gear you should do around 1.6k – 2.3k + inn nightmares etc. Your Builder does slow you down so you need to carefull with it from time to time, but because its such a easy rotation you can pay attention to the fight all the time and focus on staying alive, instead of focusing on your rotation.


SAFTY OFF (Burst) – The reason you want to use this builder is, because it is the highest dps builder inn the game with the passive extra bullet, and add to that 4 hits for more livewire procs.

THREE ROUND BURST (Burst) – The reason you want to use this consumer is basicly because its the consumer with highest singel target dps for Assult Rifle.

OUT FOR A KILL – Highest damage consumer from Shotgun.

CONFUSE – Incase you pull aggro with inn a NM instance or boss have a reset aggro ability this is handy to have.

LOCK AND LOAD – A 25 sec cooldown spell that resets your three round burst and gives you 3 combo points inn Assult rifle on your target.

BREACHING SHOT – This ability is a group wide buff that gives you and your party a 40% increase inn penetration chance and its on a 90 sec cooldown.

DO OR DIE (ELITE) – This ability gives you a 25% dmg boost for 10 sec, and has a 40 sec cooldown.


LIVE WIRE (ELITE) – Every 5th critial stike does a big additional hit.

INCITION – everytime you penetrate you gain a afflict on target for 3 sec.

IRON MAIDEN – Everytime you penetrate a afflicted target you gain 10% penetration chance.

FEROCITY – Everytime your burst atack hits 2 times inn a row you gain 3% dmg and it stacks 3 times.

TWIST THE KNIFE – Everytime you penetrate you gain 3% dmg and it stacks 3 times.

EXTRA BULLET – Your safty off hits target for 4 times instead of 3.(this means you get 33%+ dmg on you builder)

LETHALITY – Everytime you hit a target you gain 1% dmg and this stacks 10 times if one of your atacks are glanced the stacks are removed.


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  • Freedan

    great build just a quick fyi tho I would switch live wire to another passive IF your building pen this build works wonders if your building penetration perhaps switch it to something like sudden return for that additional hit on each penetrating hit cause its unlikely you crit as much if your focusing on pen

  • Freedan

    gonna amend that passive sudden return for seal the deal if your using finishers often seal the deal is going to make a huge damage bonus difference especially if your penetrating more often and using pen over crit do or die with three round burst follow it up with out for a kill at full resources+seal the deal=big damage boost

  • Souljeh

    Stopped playing tsw so havnt rly been testing builds since i submitted the build

  • Voqar

    If you’re not at nightmare level yet or at gear levels that make these types of passives fly, what passives might you use instead until your crit and/or pen are high enough? For someone who’s in all QL 10 blues and doesn’t seem like the dps from AR/SG builds is as high as it could/should be…