The Secret World – Build Guides – AR/Shotgun Nightmare DPS Build
The Secret World – Build Guides – AR/Shotgun Nightmare DPS Build

AR/Shotgun Nightmare DPS Build

Submitted by: Souljeh [Crusaders of the North] - Huldra - TSW

Details: This is a AR/Shotgun build for Nightmare DPS

WEAPONS: Assault Rifle/Shotgun

It is a simple rotation and one of the highest if not the highest dps build inn the game. Note: For this build to be effective you want to focus your offstats on PENETRATION RATING.

The basic roation of this build is to build up 5 combo points and use your consumers. If you have ok gear you should do around 1.6k – 2.3k + inn nightmares etc. Your Builder does slow you down so you need to carefull with it from time to time, but because its such a easy rotation you can pay attention to the fight all the time and focus on staying alive, instead of focusing on your rotation.


SAFTY OFF (Burst) – The reason you want to use this builder is, because it is the highest dps builder inn the game with the passive extra bullet, and add to that 4 hits for more livewire procs.

THREE ROUND BURST (Burst) – The reason you want to use this consumer is basicly because its the consumer with highest singel target dps for Assult Rifle.

OUT FOR A KILL – Highest damage consumer from Shotgun.

CONFUSE – Incase you pull aggro with inn a NM instance or boss have a reset aggro ability this is handy to have.

LOCK AND LOAD – A 25 sec cooldown spell that resets your three round burst and gives you 3 combo points inn Assult rifle on your target.

BREACHING SHOT – This ability is a group wide buff that gives you and your party a 40% increase inn penetration chance and its on a 90 sec cooldown.

DO OR DIE (ELITE) – This ability gives you a 25% dmg boost for 10 sec, and has a 40 sec cooldown.


LIVE WIRE (ELITE) – Every 5th critial stike does a big additional hit.

INCITION – everytime you penetrate you gain a afflict on target for 3 sec.

IRON MAIDEN – Everytime you penetrate a afflicted target you gain 10% penetration chance.

FEROCITY – Everytime your burst atack hits 2 times inn a row you gain 3% dmg and it stacks 3 times.

TWIST THE KNIFE – Everytime you penetrate you gain 3% dmg and it stacks 3 times.

EXTRA BULLET – Your safty off hits target for 4 times instead of 3.(this means you get 33%+ dmg on you builder)

LETHALITY – Everytime you hit a target you gain 1% dmg and this stacks 10 times if one of your atacks are glanced the stacks are removed.


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