The Secret World: Auxiliary Weapon – The Whip
The Secret World: Auxiliary Weapon – The Whip

The Whip, you too can live out your wildest fantasies…

(Be it Jones, Belmont, Bedroom or otherwise!)

Coming to The Secret World in patch 1.6 is the coolest and possibly kinkiest weapon in the Auxiliary arsenal, the Whip!

Where To Get It?

The Whip is acquired during mission “The City Beneath Us” / “The City Before Us”  exact details will be provided in those mission guides.

Auxiliary weapons have their own skill wheel, which will require ‘AP‘, and function the same as the normal skill wheel, to unlock new abilities.    It will require 350 AP total to acquire all Whip abilities, as each individual ability will cost 50 AP a piece (So start saving!)

Skill Points

Just like any other weapon, the Whip will require skill points.    A total of  35 SP is required to bring Whip skill to level 10.   (You’ll also have to have a desire to hunt and kill vampires..  more on this later..)


“The Whip skill causes your whip attacks to leave painful welts, reducing the damage dealt bu enemy attacks.  Purchasing this skill allows you to equip Whips. “


The Whip will occupy the  “Auxiliary” slot on your character panel.   The abilities for the Whip will only be usable in the 8th active and passive slots on your action bars.   These 8th slots are ONLY usable for auxiliary weapons.

New Abilities

You can watch a preview of the new active Whip abilities below!

Active Abilites:

Only one active ability can be slotted at a time for an auxiliary weapon.  It will occupy your 8th active slot.  The abilities are unique in that they have primary and secondary effects.  Read the details below.

crack-skill Crack:  
A column attack that deals 354 physical damage.
whip-it-good-skill Whip It Good:
Ever 0.4 seconds for 2 seconds.
Affects up to 5 enemies in a 5 meter long 120 degree cone in front of you.
giddy-up-skill Giddy Up:
PBAoE:  Affects you and up to 4 friends in a 10 meter radius around you.A PBAoE that gives affected targets a beneficial effect, which increases their movement speed by 15% for 4 seconds.
whippersnapper-skill Whippersnapper:
Affects the nearest enemy in a 3 meter wide by 5 meter long area in front of you.


Passive Abilities

Only one passive ability can be slotted at a time for an auxiliary weapon.  It will occupy your 8th passive slot.

 jones-in-the-fast-lane-skill Jones in the Fast Lane:
Reduce the recharge time of Whip abilities by 50%.
sonic-boom-skill Sonic Boom:
Whenever you hit a target with a Whip ability, you perform an additional hit on the target and up to 4 enemies within 3 meters around it that deals 35 physical damage.Activating “Giddy Up” causes the above effect to be triggered around you.
whiplash-skill Whiplash:
Whenever you hit a target with a Whip ability, you apply a detrimental effect which redices the Physical and Magical Protection of the target by 200 for 7 seconds.Activating “Giddy Up” also applies the detrimental effect to 5 enemies around you.

Whip Appearance


The Secret World - The Whip Default Skin


The Secret World - The Whip Orochi Skin


The Secret World - The Whip Corrupted Skin


The Secret World - The Whip Hell Skin




So what does everybody think of the latest Auxiliary weapon, the Whip?


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