The Secret World: Auxiliary Weapon – The Flamethrower
The Secret World: Auxiliary Weapon – The Flamethrower

The Flamethrower, when you just want to watch the world (or some random creature) burn!

Coming to The Secret World in Issue #7 is the coolest (or hottest!) weapon in the Auxiliary arsenal, the Flamethrower!

Where To Get It?

The Flamethrower is acquired during the mission chain that starts with  “Who Horrifies The Horror” released with Issue #7.  The exact steps will be outlined in the mission guide, but it is safe to assume, that if you run the mission, you’ll have a Flamethrower in your possession at the end!

Auxiliary weapons have their own skill wheel, which will require ‘AP‘, and function the same as the normal skill wheel, to unlock new abilities.    It will require 350 AP total to acquire all Flamethrower abilities, as each individual ability will cost 50 AP a piece

Skill Points

Just like any other weapon, the Flamethrower will require skill points.    A total of  35 SP is required to bring Flamethrower skill to level 10.   

Flamethrower Skill - The Secret World

“The Flamethrower skill causes your flames to ignite enemies, causing them to take damage over time. Purchasing this skill allows you to equip Flamethrowers. “


The Flamethrower will occupy the  “Auxiliary” slot on your character panel.   The abilities for the Flamethrower will only be usable in the 8th active and passive slots on your action bars.   These 8th slots are ONLY usable for auxiliary weapons.

New Abilities

You can watch a preview of the new active Flamethrower abilities below, I tried to show the different colors of the flame for each ability as well!

Active Abilites:

Only one active ability can be slotted at a time for an auxiliary weapon.  It will occupy your 8th active slot.  The abilities are unique in that they have primary and secondary effects.  Read the details below.

Active Abilities for the Flamethrower are directly effected by the passive abilities chosen.  
The passive abilities will also change the color of the fire the Flamethrower produces!

flamethrower-dragons-breath Dragon’s Breath: 
Channelled: Every 0.4 seconds for 2 seconds.
Cone: Affects up to 5 enemies in a 15 meter long 60 degree cone in front of you.A channelled cone attack that deals 224 physical damage per hit.
flamethrower-scorched-earth Scorched Earth:
Creates a wall of fire which extends 2 meters forward and 4 meters to either side of the targeted location and lasts 6 seconds. Every 0.3 seconds it will hit up to 5 enemies in the area dealing 85 physical damage.
flamethrower-smellslikevictory Smells Like Victory:
An attack that affects up to 5 enemies in a 5 meter radius around the targeted point, dealing 68 physical damage   Affected targets also receive the “Smells Like Victory” effect for 3 seconds, increasing damage taken by 2%.Becomes “Fired Up” after a successful hit.Fire It Up:
An attack that deals 508 physical damage. If the effected target has the “Smells Like Victory” effect, the attack instead deals 1016 physical damage.Becomes “Smells Like Victory” after a successful activation or 5 seconds have passed.
flamethrower-cremate Cremate:
A single target attack that deals 32 physical damage and 98 physical damage every second for 10 seconds. The target also becomes unable to move for 2 seconds.


Passive Abilities

Only one passive ability can be slotted at a time for an auxiliary weapon.  It will occupy your 8th passive slot.

The Flamethrower Passive Abilities will directly alter the color and function of some Active Abilities!

 flamethrower-searing-magnesium Searing Magnesium:  (White Fire)
Increase damage dealt by Flamethrower abilities by 15%.
flamethrower-assidious-burn Assiduous Burn:  (Orange Fire)
Increases the duration of “Incendiary Expertise” to 10 seconds.  Also, whenever “Incendiary Expertise” deals damage, all Flamethrower ability cooldowns are reduced by 5% of their remaining cooldown time.
flamethrower-viscious-accelerant Viscous Accelerant:  (Blue Fire)
Whenever you hit with a Flamethrower ability, the target had its movement speed reduced bu 20% for 6 seconds.

So what does everybody think of the latest Auxiliary weapon, the Flamethrower?


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