The Secret World: Auxiliary Weapon – The Chainsaw
The Secret World: Auxiliary Weapon – The Chainsaw

No game that includes zombies is complete without one.. Right?

Coming to The Secret World in patch 1.4 is the latest and greatest in Auxiliary Weapons, The Chainsaw!   This is, quite obviously, a melee weapon and will be a favorite of tanking characters for some particularly cool helpful abilities.

After playing with the chainsaw on Test Live for a bit, I am considering changing my spec to a melee focus, just so I have a good reason to use it!  Yes, it is THAT cool!

Where To Get It?

The chainsaw is acquired by completing a mission called “Just a Flesh Wound”  from Doctor Aldini, the Plastic Surgeon at the Modern Prometheus in New York.

Ability Points

Auxiliary weapons have their own skill wheel, which will require ‘AP‘, and function the same as the normal skill wheel, to unlock new abilities.    It will require 350 AP total to acquire all Chainsaw abilities, as each individual ability will cost 50 AP a piece (So start saving!)

Skill Points

Just like any other weapon, the Chainsaw will require skill points.    A total of  35 SP is required to bring Chainsaw to skill level 10.

“The Chainsaw skill causes your damaging chainsaw abilities to rend enemies, causing them to take damage over time and receive reduced healing.  Purchasing this skill allows you to equip Chainsaws.”


The Chainsaw will occupy the  “Auxiliary” slot on your character panel.   The abilities for the Chainsaw will only be usable in the 8th active and passive slots on your action bars.   These 8th slots are ONLY usable for auxiliary weapons.

New Abilities

You can watch a preview of the new active chainsaw abilities below!

Active Abilites:

Only one active ability can be slotted at a time for an auxiliary weapon.  It will occupy your 8th active slot.

Chainsaw Ability - Timber Timber:  A single target attack that deals 1084 physical damage.
Chainsaw Ability - Hurly Burly Hurly-Burly:  Channelled: Every 0.5 seconds for 2.5 seconds.   PBAoE: Affects up to 5 enemies in a 5 metre radius around you.
Diamond Grit:  Places a reflect barrier on you that reflects 50% of the incoming damage back to the attacker and dissipates after reflecting 867 damage or after 10 seconds.  The magnitude of the barrier scales based on the Weapon Power of your Chainsaw.
Chainsaw Ability - The Carver's Art The Carver’s Art:  Channelled: Every 0.2 seconds for 3 seconds.   A channeled attack that deals 95 physical damage.  Both you and your target are unable to move while this ability is active.


Passive Abilities

Only one passive ability can be slotted at a time for an auxiliary weapon.  It will occupy your 8th passive slot.

Chainsaw Ability - Revved Up Revved Up: Increase the damage dealt bu “Rotting Teeth” but 100%
Chainsaw Ability - No Love Lost No Love Lost:  Improves “Rotting Teeth” to generate 263 more hate each time it deals damage.
Chainsaw Ability - Degradation Degradation:  Increases the heal required to remove “Rotting Teeth” but 650.

So what does everybody think of the latest Auxiliary weapon, the Chainsaw?  Pretty cool right?

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