The Secret World: Augment Guide
The Secret World: Augment Guide

Guide Submit by By Dott and Jermaine


Augments are a new feature that allow you to further customize your builds and make them unique. Augments are slotted to active abilities and provide either a base stat increase or else an activatable buff or beneficial effect. Skill points, ability points, lootable and vendor bought items and crafting materials are all needed to obtain augments. A new token called Aureus of Initiation (obtained through scenarios) has been added as well.

Augment Skills

Augment skills have been added to the skill screen for you to train. Each of the four new augment skills can be trained 5 times, for 30 SP each. Every time you train an augment skill your AP cap will be raised (cumulative across category but not within a category – so each category you max will give you 85 AP towards your cap, and if all four categories are maxed you will gain 340 AP towards your cap. So the previous cap of 175 plus the 340 you can increase it via augment skills will make the new AP hard cap 515):

Rank 1 – +5 AP to cap

Rank 2 – +10 AP to cap (15 total on skill tooltip)

Rank 3 – +15 AP to cap (30 total on skill tooltip)

Rank 4 – +25 AP to cap (55 total on skill tooltip)

Rank 5 – +30 AP to cap (85 total on skill tooltip)

Augment Wheel

To the left of the main ability wheel an augment wheel has been added. There are four Augment categories, each one with ten unique augments that can be learned and leveled up to 5 (provided you have trained that skill high enough). There are one green, four to five blue, three to four purple and one yellow augment in each of the four categories.

Augment Types

Damage – Adds to raw damage output (attack rating, crit, crit power, pen, hit, evade chance reduction)

Support – Adds utility to abilities (self & group buffs/heals/cooldown reduction, extra AoE targets)

Healing – Adds to raw healing output (healing rating, crit power, direct heals, heals over time, shields, leech effects)

Survivability – Adds to raw survivability output (health, magical/physical resistance, defense, block, evade, hate generation)

Obtaining Augment Resonators

Each augment has a corresponding item called a resonator. The resonators will only drop inside scenarios off of boss mobs as well as from Council of Venice crates.  The item rarity matches the color of the augment. Attuned resonators are required to learn an augment.

Attuning Augment Resonators

All four types of green resonators are already attuned when they drop. Blue, purple and yellow resonators must be attuned. To attune a resonator you will need to collect pure assembly components, obtain green resonator(s) of the same category and purchase an Augment Attuning Kit for 12 Aureus of Initiation (from the Minister of Ca’ d’Oro standing to the right of the scenario console). Then, combine the unattuned resonator with the required pure assembly components and the green resonator(s) in the crafting window. The exact requirements are shown in the tooltip for each resonator. The items need not be placed in any special order, just be sure to put the toolkit in the tool slot and not in the parts window. To attune a blue resonator you must have two green resonators of the same category, to attune a purple you must have three green resonators and you will need four to attune a yellow. Once you have attuned a resonator you may then harmonize it.

Harmonizing Augments Resonators

After a resonator is attuned it may be harmonized, i.e. learned. To harmonize a resonator you will need to have trained the corresponding skill rank and have a requisite number of ability points. You simply right click on the item and a window will pop up asking if you want to spend x amount of AP to harmonize (or learn) the resonator. Once you have harmonized a resonator the item is consumed and that augment is now available for you to slot from your augment wheel.

Slotting Augments

Each active ability, except auxiliary, now shows what category or categories it may be augmented with. This is indicated by a small color coded wheel above each slotted ability on the active ability bar. To slot an augment you have harmonized first go to the Augment Wheel, there you can drag it to the ability you want to slot it to or you can click the equip button and select which active ability. You cannot slot the same augment to multiple abilities in the same build. In other words, each augment may only be slotted once per build.

Upgrading Augments

To obtain higher level augments you must train the corresponding skill rank up and obtain multiple attuned resonators of the same kind to combine in the crafting window using an Augment Amplifier Kit. The Augment Amplifier Kits are purchased from the Minister of Ca’ d’Oro to the right of the scenario console. A level two kit is 36 Aureus of Initiation, a level three kit is 70, a level four kit is 100 and a level 5 kit is 150. Two identical attuned resonators are needed for level two, three for level three and so on. Once the resonator has been amplified or upgraded it may be harmonized.


*Many thanks to our cabal mates from In Vino Veritas (cross faction cabal) who helped us to run scenarios nearly nonstop until we figured out what the heck was going on!*

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