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The Secret World: ATC Guide / Solution
The Secret World: ATC Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: ATC Guide / Solution Kingsmouth Town Danny Dufresne - (415,655)   The Secret World: ATC Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: ATC Guide / Solution7,500

Tier 1: Fly RC Plane Into The Orochi Camp

Simply right click on the plane to fly it into the Orochi camp.  A brief cinematic will play, during which the plane takes pictures of 3 EMP Generators before crashing.

Tier 2: Locate The Crashed RC Plane & Examine Images

You can find the plane @ (715,698).  Go there and grab it to look at the images it took.

Tier 3: Disable The Southern EMP Generator

To gain access to the Generators, you’ll have to go in through this tunnel.

Inside you will find a Dead Orochi Guard.  Examine his body to discover the password to the door.  The Code is 739241.

Input it into the security pad to open the path inside for you.  It is worth noting, every time you get caught by the orochi guards during this mission, you will be thrown back into this room.  You do not need to inspect the body each time, as long as you remember, or write down, the security code.

Be wary of Orochi Guards and security drones.  if they see you, they will throw you into the sewers and you’ll have to start over.  This is a stealth mission after all, so killing them isn’t an option.

You will find the First EMP Generator @ (666,866).

Tier 4: Disable The Central EMP Generator

The Central EMP Generator can be found @ (670,905).

Tier 5: Disable The Northern EMP Generator

The Final EMP Generator can be found @ (725,930).

Tier 6: Return to Danny

When you disable them all, return to Danny and try flying the plane in again.  This time you will be met with success.


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