The Secret World: 1.5.2 Patch Notes
The Secret World: 1.5.2 Patch Notes



  • The Research of Tyler Freeborn – Tier 3: The Guardian assault should no longer keep going past 2 minutes.
  • The Research of Tyler Freeborn: Players on mission “Survive the battle” should have the assault start for them when they run to the holding cell while there are no Orochi guards around.
  • The Anubis Mask now has a red glowing eye effect.
  • Female Dawnbringer Garb should no longer have clipping issues with hood and most hairstyles.
  • The cooldown on the Time Accelerator item has been fixed.
  • The Dust crafting material should work correctly again.
  • Two exploits have been fixed.


  • If you lose a resurrection point that you are signed up to respawn at, you will now resurrect at the closest resurrection point instead of having to wait for the next respawn wave.

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