The Secret World: When The Hatchet Falls Guide / Solutions
The Secret World: When The Hatchet Falls Guide / Solutions

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Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: When The Hatchet Falls Guide / Solutions Shadowy Forest Tibor (838,854)   The Secret World: When The Hatchet Falls Guide / Solutions249,340   |   The Secret World: When The Hatchet Falls Guide / Solutions25,000
Previous Mission: Next Mission:   Additional Mission Rewards:
A Trail Of Breadcrumbs You Only Die Twice   3 Credits of Ca' d'Oro, Green Signet Bag


Tier 1

Objective: Search the Dimir farm for information about the missing children
Go to marker and enter building coordinates ( 1066 , 1052 ) and look at the Dimir’s Letter on the table.



Tier 2

Objective: Search the ghoul camps for information about the missing children
Go to the location marked on the map.
Use the Ghoul-Gnawed Orochi Corpse at coordinates ( 683 , 1041 )



Objective: Take the Tracking Device
The tracking device will be on the ground near the corpse.

Tier 3

Objective: Search for the missing children
Use the tracker and follow the radar frequency thing. Mission updates at ( 522 , 896 )
(Just north of the Hatchet Falls Resurrection point)


Objective: Examine the Microchips
They are on the ground in the blood.


Objective: Follow the Blood Trail
Will lead you to a door under a waterfall in the ravine at ( 568 , 849 )




Tier 4

Objective: Enter the Hatchet Falls facility
Click on the door, you’ll be told “It Won’t Open” – You need to stand DIRECTLY in front of the scanner and panel for the mission to advance! 


Objective: Unlock the door to the facility
Since this is a retinal scanner…  Grab an eyeball from the Mutilated Orochi Personnel right by the doorway.  Either unfortunate fella will do.  You’ll get an [Orochi Agent’s Eyeball] in your inventory.

Then, use the other person, and acquire an [Orochi Agent’s Severed Hand]


With both Orichi Agent parts oddly placed in your pockets.. (eeewww) head to the door, and use the panel.

You’ll need to click both the retinal scanner AND the hand scanner to activate the door.   Then it’s time to head inside!

Tier 5

Objective: Explore the Facility

When inside as you make your way down the hall, a cut scene will trigger.

Objective: Bypass the first security door
You’ll notice the security door, to the left through the broken wall on the table is a security key.   It’s [Blue Mag-Lock Key] grab it.  Don’t try to open the door yet, it will electrocute you!    (Or, click it at least once for a good chuckle!)


Instead, turn around, and in the back corner of the room, find the stairs which lead down.  Follow them down the dark hallway till you reach the generator.


Read Generator manual.

  1. Switch generator to manual mode using the lever (A)
  2. Spin valve control wheel (C) to close valve.
  3. Monitor pressure gauge (B).
  4. Use primer (D) to increase the rate of rising pressure. Spin valve control wheel (C) to decrease the rate of rising pressure.
  5. Press ignition (E) when pressure reaches 70% capacity.

Danger! Do not let pressure capacity reach 100%. Should this occur, evacuate the room immediately.


Easy summary version:
Hit The Breaker, Hit The Valve, Then Hit The Primer, Watch The Pressure, Hit The Ignition When It Reaches 7 Ticks in from the right (Or when you hear the noise.)


Go back through the hall, then up the stairs into the room where you found the keycard.  You’ll need to destroy the backup generator which is outlined in red.

You’re now able to open the door!

Tier 6

Objective: Explore the facility
Enter carefully, don’t walk into the light projected by the surveillance camera.

Straight in front of you, notice the crates along the right wall – use them to jump over the laser grid.


Enter the first door on your right past the lasers, and find a [Reminder] on the upper bunk on the right.   On it will be written 1878.


Return back over the laser grid, using the crates on the right, then use the keycode on the door. (1878)


Enter the room and locate some cool toys!   Pick up a [Soviet EMP Pulser] from the room and Examine the Orochi Field Tablet.


Head back out, over the laser grid and down the hall to the next set of lasers.
Use the [Soviet EMP Pulser] to disable them.


Continue down the hall to the flood lights, you’ll see a door on the left with an electronic field.  Use your [Soviet EMP Pulser] again to disable it.

Once inside, destroy the Aegis Portable Shield Generator and pick up the [Red Mag-Lock Key] from the desk at the back of the room.


Head back out and go down the hall past the flood lights, pay close attention to the camera here.  Wait for it to turn off, then make your way into the hole in the wall on the right.

The Sleepless Lullaby Lore #3 is located in this room.


Wait for the camera to turn off briefly then sprint down the hall past it, the mission objective will update.

Objective: Bypass the second Security Door
Since you should have the [Red Mag-Lock Key], click the door to advance.


Tier 7

Objective: Access the secured files
Go through the door on the left, down the hall and into the room to pick up the [Blue Mag-Lock Key] and [Red Mag-Lock Key].


Return to the hall, enter the opposite door, down the stairs to find  The Sleepless Lullaby Lore #6


Go back to the main hallway and proceed down to the large door.

This is a puzzle, you need to open the large door, which requires opening both the left and right side small doors.  The left requires the [Blue Mag-Lock Key] to open, and the [Red Mag-Lock Key] to activate the panel.   The door on the left is the reverse of this.

Here’s how to solve it:

Open the small door on the left with the [Blue Mag-Lock Key].
Use the [Red Mag-Lock Key] on the panel.


Go out to the large door, it’ll notice the first layer is opened.
Go inside, and use your [Soviet EMP Pulser] on the box on the left.


Then VERY QUICKLY.  Go retrieve your keys from the first room, and open the second room and use the panel.

You must be quick about this as the door will close!  But if done correctly, the inner door will open and you can access the computer!

Access the computer and disable all security protocols.


The computer will ask you for a password, if you read the hint, it will tell you that the default password is still in effect.

I got a chuckle of this, the password is… “password”


Once entered, a cut scene will start.

Objective: Read the Secured Files

Access the computer again and read the files.  Mission will update when you read about the Nursery.   But the other items in the computer are a good read for the lore!

Objective: Locate an Orochi agent with level 6 clearance

Note: If you go down past the computer, Janos Dragosani is levitating there and can offer a really quick way back to the facility entrance.  I was not able to kill him.


Exit the instance back into the Shadowy Forest

Go to the marker on your map, it will take you to the Carpathian Fangs.
You’ll find Dragan Dzoavich at coordinates ( 631 , 1083 ) click him to advance to You Only Die Twice



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