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The Secret World: The Sound Of Children Guide / Solutions
The Secret World: The Sound Of Children Guide / Solutions

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Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Sound Of Children Guide / Solutions Carpathian Fangs Nursery Entrance (221,175)   The Secret World: The Sound Of Children Guide / Solutions398,950   |   The Secret World: The Sound Of Children Guide / Solutions20000
Previous Mission: Next Mission:   Additional Mission Rewards:
You Only Die Twice I Walk Into Empty   1 Green Signet Reward Bag, 3 Credits of Ca' d'Oro


Tier 1

Objective:  Enter the Nursery

This mission starts immediate after the last cut scene, turn around and look to wall behind you, the Nursery Entrance is at ( 221 , 175 )

Sleepless Lullaby Lore #4 is Outside Below the door on the right.


Once inside, open the door and a cinematic will trigger.

Tier 2

Objective:  Explore the Nursery

Go through the door, then through the door on the left, on the left and keep going until you reach the Fusebox. Use the Fusebox to activate the lights.


Leave the room, return to what appears to be the reception desk and enter the room behind it.

In this room, you’ll find a computer, access it, and select “Authorized Surveillance Access“.


Return to the hallway with the Fusebox room and enter the now opened door and head down the stairs.


Enter the Menagerie, make your way to the hallway with the  the Orochi Nanny Drone guarding the door at the back, the room to the right includes lore.


Sleepless Lullaby Lore #5 is inside the room to the right of the Orochi Nanny Drone Guard.


Go back down the hall and to the room with the patrolling Orochi Nanny Drone, you’ll find a radio on the shelf at the back of the room.  When you use the radio, it will turn off and cause the patrolling Nanny Drone to agro to you.


Kill the Nanny Drone in the room and as soon as you leave, you’ll be attacked my the Matron Drone.  Avoid the frontal cone attack and the blue electric circles on the floor.

A new door opened in the hall way on the right, with a computer and a keypad secured door.


Note: The computer is filled with awesome lore, but not required for the mission.

Use the keypad next to the door to continue.

Move forward once you’re back out into the main hall for a surprise ambush from a tortured experiment.


Advance into the hall to find the Doctor’s Log.


SIDE MISSION: Where the Little Ones Go
You’ll pick this up from the “Doctor’s Log” on the floor near the corpses as you advance.

For this side mission, just open each door as you make your way down the hall, clearing what is inside and reading each clip board.  Full information and screens shots at the link above.

On the left side at the end of the hall, you’ll see a room, “Weaponized Anima”, enter there and find the Prototype Q7 Anima Infuser.  Simply use it with the Flamethrower in your inventory, and you’ll get your Flamethrower Auxiliary Weapon!


When you reach the end of the hallway, your mysterious companion will push the big red button and attract 3 waves of enemies.  Followed by Dr. Schreber.   Survive the attacks and move on to the next room.

Tier 3

Objective: Find the Secret Room
There are the rugs as well as the computer to interact with in this room. I turned up all 3 rugs, which does nothing, but is fun!  Then I  went to the computer which has lots of lore worth reading.

To advance the mission, on the computer, hit #4, “Emma Smith (Emergency Protocols)”  then #1, “Access private lab”


Objective: Find Emma
Drop into the hole which opened in the floor which will trigger a cut scene.



This mission immediately turns into  “I Walk Into Empty


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