The Secret World: Killers on the Road Guide / Solutions
The Secret World: Killers on the Road Guide / Solutions

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Killers on the Road Guide / Solutions Kaidan Gozen at Susanoo’s Diner (277,555)   The Secret World: Killers on the Road Guide / Solutions299,210   |   The Secret World: Killers on the Road Guide / Solutions15,000
  Additional Mission Rewards:
  3 Sequins of Sunrise, Putrid Biohazard Container


Objective: Find the House-in-Exile squad
Head out of the noodle house and go North to the way point. As soon as you reach it an Oni called “Stranger” will pop out and run away.

Objective: Track down the fleeing Oni (5mins)
He is very fast, so do your best to keep up with him (defensive cooldowns helped us a lot).

Objective: Keep up with the Oni
He slows down a little so it should be easier to keep up.


Objective: Kill the portal defenders
He has led you to a portal that two Oni will come out and defend. (138,645)

Objective: Kill the Oni Mage
After the first two Oni are down a mage will come out. Pretty straightforward fight.


Objective: Enter the portal
You will travel through a portal to Hell!

Objective: Chase after the Oni spy
As soon as you near the Oni the syp runs off. Ignore the other Oni for now and follow him!

Objective: Bridge the gaps by knocking over the unbalanced walls (2)
Shoot the bridge until it falls over. (Note that the mission will update after knocking over only one wall.)

Objective: Chase after the Oni spy
Keep on following the Oni spy through hell.

LORE #1 for the Tale of Momataro is also in this area. You can see it just past the second unbalanced wall you knocked down. To get to it, you must shoot down a third unbalanced wall to reveal the path around to it. (522,763)

Objective: Kill the Oni mage
AoEs will fall during this fight!

LORE #2 for the Tale of Momataro is up on top of a pillar in this area. You will have to avoid fireballs while you make your way up to it. (509,820)

Objective: Pursue the spy again
Go through the portal!

Objective: Defeat the Howler of the Northeast Way
Straightforward fight again. Flappy likes to hang out around here too!


Objective: Follow the Oni spy
He ran into a Hell portal across the street so jump down!

Objective: Defeat Surasshu the Ragged Grin
Craptacular fight! He will go immune to damage and knockback anyone near him at three different points. Each time he does this, he will channel a special ability – Fire from the sky first, Summoning of adds second, and both at the same time third.

LORE #3 for the Tale of Momataro is behind a tree in this area.  (576,885)

Objective: Search the body of the spy
There is a note on the ground by his body.

Objective: Return to Tokyo
Use the portal you came in by. As soon as you go through you will get a mission complete.

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