The Secret World: Issue #7: A Dream To Kill Information Guide
The Secret World: Issue #7: A Dream To Kill Information Guide

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Issue #7: A Dream To Kill

The Secret World Patch 1.7 Features
A Dream To Kill, the latest addition to The Secret World takes you to Transylvania on a fairly epic mission arc!   Along the way, you’ll also acquire a new auxiliary weapon, The Flamethrower!

Below is an outline of the additions with links to more information!

Note:  This is as much information as I personally could put together.  Anything that requires a group, or specific items, such as Auxiliary Signets, Weapon Skins, etc.  I do not have!   Further, there may be issues, or items changed in missions from the time I wrote the guides to the time they get released.  If there are issues or missing pieces, please leave comments on the individual posts and I’ll correct them asap!


The missions for Issue #7: A Dream To Kill

The story missions begin at the Carmen Preda ( 1200 , 1242 ) right outside the Agartha Entrance in the Besieged Farmlands.

Main Mission Chain:

Side Missions Related To The Main Story Arc:

Additional Side Missions, given by the Envoy of Ca’ d’Oro at coordinates ( 845 , 858 ) in the Shadowy Forest.

Auxiliary Weapon:


Sleepless Lullaby

  1. Located during the mission A Trail Of Breadcrumbs, inside the Orochi van at ( 310 , 446 )
  2. Located during the mission A Trail Of Breadcrumbs, behind the computers  ( 718 , 855 )
  3. Located during the mission When the Hatchet Falls, in the room to the right of the second security camera during Tier 6.
  4. Located before the mission The Sound of Children, to the right side of the Nursery Entrance. ( 221 , 175 )
  5. Located during the mission The Sound of Children, in a room to the right side of the main hall in the Menagerie.
  6. Located during the mission When the Hatchet Falls, in the room across the hall from where you get the Red and Blue keys during Tier 7.
  7. Located during the mission I Walk Into Empty, Behind the first house you’re lead to by Emma, in the Carpathian Fangs sequence.
  8. Located during the mission I Walk Into Empty, in the dining room in the house turing Tier 1.


If anybody has tips or solutions on how to get these, let me know in the comments.

  • The World Is Not Enough – I got this on accident, assuming from the “You Only Die Twice Mission” on the snowmobile.   Any verifications?!
  • Top Clearance – Simply find all the lore, all locations are mentioned above.
  • Vampires Aren’t Forever – You must quickly and without tripping alarms or messing up keycard entry, complete the “When The Hatchet Falls” Facility and exterminate the vampire at the end.  (Bring Friends!)  Since I play solo, any confirmations would be appreciated!
  • Covert Cryptographer there is a forum post on the official forums that seems to have the locations and answers to getting the achievement.  I have not verified, nor had a chance to return to the game to try it myself yet.  I’ll update once I have.  Complete Guide With Pictures Of All Letters And Locations CLICK HERE!
  • Snowfall – Beat the times during the snowmobile sequence in “You Only Die Twice”




With enough Credits of Ca’ d’Oro, you can get yourself your very own Orochi Battlesuit!


Did I miss something?   Let me know in the comments below!

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