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The Secret World: I Walk Into Empty Guide / Solutions
The Secret World: I Walk Into Empty Guide / Solutions

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Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: I Walk Into Empty Guide / Solutions Carpathian Fangs Previous Mission   The Secret World: I Walk Into Empty Guide / Solutions   |   The Secret World: I Walk Into Empty Guide / Solutions20,000
Previous Mission:   Additional Mission Rewards:
The Sound of Children   Blue Signet Bag, 3 Credits of Ca' d'Oro

I encourage you to try to do this mission without assistance, but, if you’re really stuck, solutions are below!


Tier 1

Objective:  Find Emma

Walk around the room for a bit, you’ll appear outside.


Once outside, follow Emma, watch as her life unfolds, you’ll eventually end up at the Orochi lab.

This is a puzzle, you need to enter the doors and make your way down the hallway in a certain order (notice how each door is colored)  Your progress is indicated on the horizontal screen to the left of the “Red” door.  

If you get the white drawing of 2 dead people (As seen below), you’ve made a wrong turn and need to start over – again entering the ‘Red Door’.   The ‘Red Door’ will always be first!  Try to figure it out for a bit before you see the solution below!


The Solution:

2 forward (Red), one right (Green), one back (Black), 2 left (Blue) 1 forward (Red), 1 right (Green), 1 back (Black), 1 forward (Red)

Once complete, the location changes again…
Just follow the path as it assembles.



Sleepless Lullaby Lore #8 is in the dining room, fairly hard to miss!


Keep running, run through the expanding hall way.


Tier 2

Objective:  Wake up Emma

The next puzzle involves letters on the floor, with a magnetic white board.  The goal being to wake up Emma.  If you were paying attention to previous cut scenes, the answer should be pretty obvious!


You’ll pick up one letter at a time to your inventory, then have to use it at the appropriate place on the board to form the solution …  “Anima


Once complete, the final cut scene will play!


And… A taste of things to come!


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