The Secret World:  Halloween Event 2013 – Consolidated Information
The Secret World: Halloween Event 2013 – Consolidated Information

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The Secret World:  Halloween Event 2013 – Consolidated Information

Samhain (Halloween) 2013  Information

TSW Halloween Event - Main Screen

The 2013 Halloween (Samhain) event is similar to last year, however, new lore, 10 new item missions, and a new world boss have been added!

Below is the compiled list of information on the event, however, due to the fact I’m late to the party, and there’s no sense in reinventing the wheel, for more details explanations, guides, and info, head over to the TSW forums for information I’m missing here on the site!


The missions for the Halloween event work as a chain, one must be completed to move on to the other.  (These are the same as 2012!)

Main Story Mission:

Also included this year is a Nightmare Difficulty Version of the

  • Revenge of the Cat God 
Side Missions, New For 2013:
  • Spooky Stories of Solomon Island: League of Monster Slayers Treehouse  (Savage Coast, 495 , 897)

You must start with Spooky Stories of Solomon Island to be able to pick up the following side missions:

  • The Rogue Groundskeeper: Innsmouth Academy (Savage Coast, 267 , 377)
  • The Hermit: Red’s Bait and Tackle  (Savage Coast, 153 ,867)
  • The Organ Smugglers: CDC Camp (Blue Mountain, 890 , 700)
  • The Phantom Email: Orochi’s Camp (Blue Mountain, 673 , 822)
  • The Lantern Man: Franklin Mansion (Blue Mountain, 842 , 294)
  • The Hiker: Police Station (Kingsmouth, 197 , 344)
  • The Gypsy Curse: The Raven’s Knock  (Kingsmouth, 292 , 330)
  • The Confession of Ellis Hill: North of the Skate Park  (Kingsmouth, 385 , 745)
  • The Death of Dr. Armitage: Skate Park  (Kingsmouth, 421 , 656)
  • The Ghost of Jack-o-Lantern: Police Station (Kingsmouth, 196 , 331)

Also, do not delete the pages as you acquire them.  They are required to complete the achievement!

2013 Achievements:

  • Lord of the Patch:  Collect all lore entries in the Samhain 2013 section.
  • Squishy Orange Gord Guts:  Destroy Jack
  • Keeper of Urban Mythos:  Collect all pages for Danny’s Urban Legend Book.

2012 Achievements:

Apparently, these are still obtainable, EXCEPT for the Bloody Pumpkin Head.  *(Need Confirmation)

  • Hop-tu-naa, Trol-la-laa – Complete all Samhain Achievements
  • Harvester of Horror – Fill out all lore entries in the Samhain Section (See The Lore Locations)
  • Tails from the Crypt – Complete the seasonal mission The Cat God  (See The Mission Start)
  • Head Start – Find a Head-O-Lantern
  • Dead Ahead – Find a Bloody Pumpkinhead


Super Jack:

More To come.


THIS DATA IS FROM 2012, will update ASAP.

Consumable Items:
All increase your out of combat health regeneration. 
  • Crowley’s Crunchies
  • Vine Fruit Gummies
  • Blood Syrup
  • Sugar Skull

Cosmetic Items:

  • Head-O-Lantern
  • Bloody Pumpkin Head
Single Use Cosmetic Items: 
  • Pinch of Blood – Leaves a trail of blood behind you.  Lasts 20 minutes.
  • Touch of Shady  – Leaves a trail of filth behind you.  Lasts 20 minutes
Complete Appearance Change Items:
All last for 20 minutes.
Grim Glamour: Mummy
TSW - Halloween Event - Mummy
Grim Glamour: Vampire
TSW - Halloween Event - Vampire
Grim Glamour: Zombie
TSW - Halloween Event - Zombie

Mummy, Vampire, & Zombie Emotes & Dancing!

I’ve also gotten “Funeral Wrappings” but they don’t appear anywhere, as well as “Severed Foot”  which doesn’t seem to have a use, at the moment…
Did we miss something?   Let us know in the comments below!

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