The Secret World: Guardians of Gaia Event Information
The Secret World: Guardians of Gaia Event Information

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Note:  I am impressed at the community during this event.  The cooperation and level of help people have put forth to make this as smooth and simple as possible is just impressive!  

The best way to make progress on the event and bosses is to join the ‘anniversity’ channel in game.  (Yes, aware of the incorrect spelling.)

In game type   /chat join anniversity

Pay close attention to the FAQ’s and instructions in the channel, please don’t spam or ask for invites.


The Bigger They Are

Kill all 8 Guardians of Gaia

  • Pitiqtu Nasiru
  • Anzanunzu Nasiru
  • Isatis Nasiru
  • Erbu Nasiru
  • Abnu Nasiru
  • Basi Nasiru
  • Halbu Nasiru
  • Kasu Nasiru
  • Kaspu Nasiru – Optional Fusang Boss

When Completing the Achievement, you’ll get the [Gaia Rocks t-Shirt]!


Written in Stone
Fill out all lore entries in the Guardians of Gaia section.

Lore Locations:

Special Thanks To ‘Martlet’ for providing screenshots!

  • Kingsmouth   ( 685, 695 ) Lore #1  east of the scrap yard, next to a shed. (Screenshot)
  • Savage Coast  ( 20 , 565 ) Lore #2 far western edge of the zone, on a cliff.  (Screenshot)
  • Blue Mountain  ( 618 , 258 ) Lore #3  On the side of a cliff, approach from the top.  (Screenshot)
  • Scorched Desert  ( 524 , 637 )  Lore #4 – In the burning scar  (Screenshot)
  • City of The Sun God   ( 760 , 893 )  Lore #5  North East, In Mama El-Al-Hiram (Screenshot)
  • Besieged Farmlands   ( 1223 , 1259 ) Lore #6  Outside the Agartha Portal. (Screenshot)
  • Shadowy Forest  ( 445 , 546 )  Lore #7  Under the bridge.  (Screenshot)
  • Carpathian Fangs   ( 473 , 1219 ) Lore #8 Outside Agartha   (Screenshot)
  • Fusang Projects    ( 513 ,  519 )Center Facility  (Screenshot)

Spawn Locations:

Each boss can only be looted once per every 2 hours. 

Each boss has 15,000,000 Health.

  • Pitiqtu Nasiru – Kingsmouth  ( 722, 686 ) (Screenshot)
  • Anzanunzu Nasiru – Savage Coast ( 41 , 590 )  (Screenshot)
  • Isatis Nasiru – Scorched Desert  ( 510, 672 )   (Screenshot)
  • Erbu Nasiru – Shadowy Forest ( 458 , 571 ) (Screenshot)
  • Kaspu Nasiru – Fusang Projects (Center Area) (no longer required for achievements!) 
  • Abnu Nasiru   – Blue Mountain  ( 625 ,  295 )  (Screenshot)
  • Basi Nasiru – City of the Sun God  ( 760 , 893 )  (Screenshot)
  • Halbu Nasiru – Beseiged Farmalands ( 989 , 936 )
  • Kasu Nasiru – Carpathian Fangs ( 322 , 690) (Screenshot)


Upon killing one of the guardians, you’ll get a side mission based on the zone and guardian you’ve just killed.

Kingsmouth:  The Guardian of Earth
Savage Coast:  The Guardian of Water
Blue Mountain: The Guardian of Stone
Scorched Desert: The Guardian of Fire
City of the Sun God: The Guardian of Sand
Besieged Farmland: The Verdant Guardian
Shadowy Forest: The Guardian of Pestilence
Carpathian Fangs: The Guardian of Ice

Fusang:  The Guardian of Strife (Not Required)

The Guardian of:  Earth, Water, Stone, Fire, Sand, etc…
XP:  398,940

PAX: 20,000
[Purple Loot Bag]  (see below)

These missions are on individual cool downs of 2 hours for each boss.  Meaning you can kill each boss once per every 2 hours and receive the mission and the reward bag.

Loot – Pets:

[Genizah of the Living Clay] – Drops from Pitiqtu Nasiru in Kingsmouth
Mini Pet:  [Shem of the Living Clay]

TSW Shem of Clay Pet

[Genizah of the Raging Torrent]  – Drops from Anzanunzu Nasiru in the Savage Coast
Mini Pet:  [Shem of the Raging Torrent]

Shem of the Raging Torrent Pet

[Genizah of the Flowing Stone] – drops from Abnu Nasiru Blue Mountain  – Thanks ‘Shen-Lung’ and ‘Bibie’ for the screenshots!


[Genizah of the Liquid Fire] – Drops from Isatis Nasiru in Scorched Desert
Mini Pet:  [Shem of the Liquid Fire] 


[Genizah of the Unforgiving Sand] – Drops from Basi Nasiru in City of the Sun God
Mini Pet:  [Shem of the Unforgiving Sand]


[Genizah of the Elder Forest ]Drops from Halbu Nasiru in Besieged Farmlands
Mini Pet: [Shem of the Elder Forest]


[Genizah of the Crawling Plague] – Drops from Erbu Nasir in Shadowy Forest
Mini Pet: [Shem of the Crawling Plague]


[Genizah of the Frozen Truth] – Drops from Kasu Nasiru in Carpathian Fangs
Mini Pet: [Shem of the Frozen Truth]




Anybody have a screenshot and details on the Fusang Pet?!  
Since the queue is perpetually broken, I’ve not been able to get back in there.


Loot – Cosmetics:

The [Eye Patch, Black], (Obtainable Random Drop From Solomon Island Guardians)

TSW Eyepatch


The [Monocle, black frame]  (Obtainable from Egypt Guardians) – Thanks ‘Z-n’ for the submission!



The Green Glowing Eyes – (Obtainable random drop from Transylvania Guardians) – Thanks ‘Z-n’ For the submission!



Loot – Other:

  • Anniversary Flare Gun
  • Green Signet Bag
  • Blue Signet Bag
  • 2-4 Black Bullion – From Solomon Island Guardians
  • 3-6 Black Bullion – From Egypt Guardians
  • 4-8 Black Bullion – From Transylvania Guardians


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  • Nochtal Balzer

    Tonight at 9 pm (PST), I will be looking to form a group/raid to go and kill as many as possible. If you are interested, look for me in game, I will be on my main, Hitoiu.

    • Sounds Excellent! I’ll be on and off all night and most the weekend as well! Be sure to say hello!

  • Devinn

    Basi Nasiru roams in City of the Sun God in the Mamar El-Al-Hiram area (NE of your map, coords 800, 850) near the meteorite creatures. He has 15,000,000 HP.

  • Guest

    there is a monocle as well

  • Quietness

    Not sure why my comment was deleted. Another item came from Epic Bag tonight – Black Moncle submitted screenshot directly via email. Character looking all dapper now!

    • No posts get deleted, unfortunately, due to abuse I have to have all comments moderated.

      • Quietness

        my apologies.

  • Ашграу

    Fusang Project Lore: (513, 519) in front of the hallway to the Center Facility

  • Reno

    The loot from SD is Genizah/Shem of the Liquid Fire and not Living Fire…

    • Thanks for the correction!

  • Lucas Augusto Ribeiro

    In Egypt, the reward bags come with 3-6 Black Bullions, not 2-4 as in New England ones.

    • Thanks for the update! I’ve only been able to kill the Egypt bosses once each, so haven’t had the chance to see BB drop!

  • Shadow_stalker

    actually it is “Shem of the Liquid Fire”

  • Vyurr

    I have seen the fusang pet, it’s “Shem of Lunar Metal” and it’s very shiny.

  • Hansen Chew

    Halbu Nasiru (BF) & Kasu Nasiru (CF) spawn in a large variety of locations, especially Kasu Nasiru.

  • Aleksander Støle

    The side mission in Carpathian Fangs is not called “The Guardian of the Frozen Truth”, it’s simply “The Guardian of Ice”

    Also, your screenshot for the Guardian in BM links to the one in CotSG 😛

  • Mike

    Fusang pet picture can be found at