The Secret World: A Trail Of Breadcrumbs Guide / Solutions
The Secret World: A Trail Of Breadcrumbs Guide / Solutions

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Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: A Trail Of Breadcrumbs Guide / Solutions Besieged Farmlands Orochi Corpse (395,557)   The Secret World: A Trail Of Breadcrumbs Guide / Solutions598,410   |   The Secret World: A Trail Of Breadcrumbs Guide / Solutions30,000
Previous Mission: Next Mission:   Additional Mission Rewards:
Who Horrifies The Horrors When the Hatchet Falls   1 Green Signet Bag, 3 Credits of Ca' d'Oro


Tier 1

Objective: Examine the Orochi Corpse

Right under you when you come out of cut scene.

Objective: Search for more signs of Orochi Presence in the area

Get on the road and head south, you’ll see the tire marks, follow them to find a van at ( 310,  446) You will be attacked by 1 mob named Death Squad.


Objective: Investigate the Orochi Van

Grab the (Sleepless Lullaby Lore # 1) inside the van while here (310,446)

Examine the Orochi Dossier inside the van


Tier 2

Objective: Enter the Shadowy Forest and locate outpost 30-10a

Go through tunnel entrance to Shadowy Forest.

Go to the marker on your map.
IMPORTANT: You Must Approach from West side by Resurrection point: Whisperwoods, so follow the road around.


Objective: Investigate Orochi Outpost 30-10a

There’s a werewolf in here you’ll need to kill, then head for the back of the van.

SIDE MISSION: A Menagerie Darkly
This mission will be a secondary objective at every location you go to on the main story mission.  You’ll be looking for field reports. The first will be right near the mission objective and mission start. Pick up the blue folder. ( 773 , 1139 )

Use the computer inside the van.  Mission will update when you look up info on Orochi Outpost 30-10b

Tier 3

Objective: Locate Orochi Outpost 30-10b

Follow map marker to the next location, Approach from the north, the location is on the cliff which is inaccessible from below.  Take the path to the left as if you were coming out of the tunnel entrance.


Objective: Investigate Orochi Outpost 30-10b

There will be 3 rabid wolves here.  Dispatch them, then look inside the van.

Click on the map inside the van ( 1102 , 1160 )  Upon doing so, an alarm sounds and you get attacked by a group of wolves.


Objective: Defeat the rabid wolves.

SIDE MISSION: A Menagerie Darkly
The Orochi corpse with the Specimen B report is at ( 1109 , 1142 ) immediately to the right as you entered the area on top of the rocks.

Tier 4

Objective: Locate Orochi Outpost 30-10c

You’ll be headed straight south.  Follow map marker.  As you approach beware the sentry probes in the area.

Objective: Investigate Orochi Outpost 30-10c

Clear the mobs, there is an Ancestral Cankermouth with 25K health guarding the objective.   ( 1080 , 806 )


Once cleared, investigate the papers on the ground. Primarily look for the  Equipment Request Form in the back right corner of the tent.


SIDE MISSION: A Menagerie Darkly
Before you leave the area, be sure to go behind the tent and look in the van at  1074 , 805 ) – You’ll want to be mindful of both the mobs and the sentry probes in the area.

Tier 5

Objective: Locate Orochi Outpost 30-10d

Time to head west, just follow map marker.


Objective: Gain Access to Orochi Research Tent

Be aware, the turrets don’t like you.  So avoid them if possible.  It is best to clear the area of the mobs first.
Then make your way to the back of the tent  ( 535 ,  707 ) and use the Generator to turn off the laser grid.


Be quick, because the laser fence WILL reactivate.

Objective: Investigate Orochi Outpost 30-10d

Use the Orochi Tablet at to deactivate the laser fence from inside

Use the Orochi Computer, inquire about Outpost 30-10e.


SIDE MISSION: A Menagerie Darkly
Just outside the tent, seek out the “Discharged Overgrowth around ( 554 ,  736 ) for Specimen D Report.

Tier 6

Objective: Locate Orochi Outpost 30-10e

Head north east up the road following the map marker to giant tent at ( 718 , 837 )


Be careful, as you enter, you’re going to be attacked!

Objective: Defeat the Child’s Angry Echo

The Child’s Angry Echo has 35K Health, a slow, and can do a fair bit of damage.  Avoid the ground AOE!  Also, be careful trying to kite it outside of the tent, it has a short least and will reset!


Grab the (Sleepless Lullaby Lore # 2) behind the computers at  ( 718 , 855 )

Objective: Investigate Orochi Outpost 30-10e

SIDE MISSION: A Menagerie Darkly
Speciman E report at ( 718 , 851 ) on the floor next to the dead Orochi near the photograph for the main mission.

Use the Photograph which is on the floor.


Objective: Locate the potential candidate

Follow map marker to the Romany Camp and click on Luminita  ( 837 ,  853 )

Click on her, Cut scene triggers and mission ends.


Next mission starts automatically, “When the Hatchet Falls

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